Cheryl Hines Plastic Surgery 2024

Soon-to-be wife of RFK Junior a big fan of elastic surgery? Pretty soon, Cheryl Hines is going to be Mrs. RFK Junior, as she is set to marry the environmental lawyer Robert F Kennedy, Junior in Hyannis port, Massachusetts – but the jury is still out as to whether or not she’s going to “touch things up” any further with a bit of plastic surgery before the nuptials. Did Cheryl Hines have plastic surgery? 

Cheryl Hines Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

cheryl hines plastic surgery before and after photos 2024

Cheryl Hines Before and After Plastic Surgery

Has Cheryl Hines Had Plastic Surgery? 

According to well-placed sources in the celebrity gossip world, Cheryl has not only had significant plastic surgery performed in the past; she continues to get almost monthly injections of Botox, cosmetic fillers, and other minor procedures – and claims that she will continue to do so until she passes away!

Now, just looking at Cheryl she doesn’t appear to be the poster child for plastic surgery gone wrong.

But then, when you are a very, very successful Hollywood actress (and marrying one of the most powerful people in America, and into one of the most legendary families in the United States), you’re not exactly going to skimp on the extras when it comes to investing in your team of plastic surgeons.

Obviously her Cheryl Hines plastic surgery professionals know exactly what they’re doing, and are making minor and subtle adjustments over longer blocks of time to make the plastic surgery more “natural and graceful” rather than a tremendous shift and change like so many younger Hollywood stars go through on an almost daily basis.

What kind of surgery has Cheryl already had? Cheryl Hines Botox, Fillers, and Eyelid Procedures

As mentioned above, it’s pretty obvious that Cheryl has already had numerous Botox injections were cosmetic fillers added to her face. Her laugh lines are gone, her wrinkles are almost nonexistent, and she looks to have the complexion of a 25-year-old.

Sure, cosmetics and makeup (especially in the hands of a trained actress) will go a long way towards hiding these kinds of blemishes – but not to the extent that we’re talking about here.

There are also some rumblings that she has had work done to her eyelids, though again this is just conjecture and speculation – and probably always will be, unless she herself comes out and admits to going through with some plastic surgery procedures.

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But according to high-end cosmetic surgeons, she has almost certainly been taking advantage of a facelift or rejuvenated facial skin procedure, and the eyes would not have been left out when this type of plastic surgery procedure is performed.

She hasn’t had any work done to the girls

The one area on Cheryl that most people agree remains “100% all-natural” is her breasts.

Almost every single actress out there today decides to have at least a little bit of work done to their breasts, either firming up the girls and making them a bit perkier or just trading them in for a larger size.

But not Cheryl.

You can go all the way back to her earliest photographs when she was just starting to break into the business and compare them to today, and you’ll find that very little has changed for her upstairs.

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