Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost in USA

Everybody wants to keep their tummy in so that they can maintain a fit personality. Unfortunately, it gets impossible for some people who do a desk job and who are not as active as fit people. It may get a bit difficult to maintain proper fitness when you do not spend time by doing regular… [Read More]

Kate Gosselin Plastic Surgery

Kate Gosselin, reality show star, mother of eight and now blogger, has never been one to eschew plastic surgery. In the past, she’s had a tummy tuck, a procedure that isn’t really unexpected after giving birth to that many children at once. And it was clear she had no objections to letting the public know… [Read More]

Jwoww Plastic Surgery

Jwoww, also known as Jennifer Lynn Farley, is a reality television star from the hit MTV show Jersey Shore. Whether you love the show or hate it, you’ve got to admit that Jwoww looks great and has been making the most of her TV prominence. Right now she’s starring in her own TV show, Snookie… [Read More]

Janice Dickinson Plastic Surgery

The Self-Proclaimed Worlds “First” Supermodel’s Fall from Fabulous Grace – Probably one of the most notable women in the entire entertainment industry known for promoting plastic surgery (next to Joan Rivers) is self-proclaimed first supermodel Janice Dickinson. “I’m no stranger to plastic surgery.” the sixty-something outspoken and sharp-tongued entertainer and reality show star professes. Did Janice… [Read More]

Heidi Klum Plastic Surgery

Forty-one years old and going strong, Heidi Klum is a well-known model and television personality. Most notable among her credits is a long time lingerie model for Victoria’s Secret. Though she has had some forays into movies as well, it is her photogenic looks that have made her iconic in the modeling and fashion industry…. [Read More]