Sylvester Stallone Plastic Surgery

Born in the July of 1946, Mr. Stallone has been one of Hollywood’s most notable action heroes. His most memorable role is that of Rocky Balboa in the Rocky series of movies. His iconic character is a thuggish underdog that gets the chance to become a heavyweight champion. Many aspects of the movie remain icons… [Read More]

John Kerry Plastic Surgery

Whenever lists of people that have had plastic surgery appear on TV or on the Internet, they’re almost always populated with movie stars and starlets, singers, dancers, newscasters, and other kinds of entertainers. There’s always been at least one glaring example. The evidence of John Kerry plastic surgery is so plain on his face that… [Read More]

Madonna Plastic Surgery

Born in 1958, the infamous first Diva of Pop and Material Girl, Madonna claims that her looks are the result of focusing her energies inward, a special diet, and extremely expensive creams. For a star who has held a successful and continually thriving solo career since 1981 Madonna has been the subject of a lot… [Read More]

Elizabeth Mitchell Plastic Surgery

Elizabeth Mitchell has obviously had some plastic surgery – but it looks fantastic! A veteran actress, and maybe one of the biggest actresses on television today, Elizabeth Mitchell has absolutely undergone at least a handful of plastic surgery procedures in the past. But, rather than derail her appearance with a fake or phony look, almost… [Read More]

Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery

Has Donatella Versace had plastic surgery? Donatella Versace is a poster for NOT getting plastic surgery – There are a lot of celebrity plastic surgery nightmares out there, but few of them can come close to the absolute destruction that elastic surgeons have wreaked upon Donatella Versace over the last few decades. Hands down one of the… [Read More]