Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery 2024

Born on June 20th, 1967, in Hawaii, Nicole Kidman’s family moved to Australia when she was just four years old. One of Hollywoods best-known leading ladies, Kidman has been touted as one of the most natural beauties in the business. That is until this year when she made an appearance in France that displayed a quite unnatural visage. While the star has admitted trying Botox before, she claims that she did not like the experience and would just age with grace naturally. Her puffy face and frozen features, though, suggests that she may have changed her mind and revisited the plastic surgeon for some light work. Did Nicole Kidman have plastic surgery?

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

nichole kidman before and after plastic surgery 2024

Nicole Kidman Before and After Plastic Surgery

Nicole Kidman Boob Job

Her trademarks have always been pale skin and crystal blue eyes, along with a slender frame and modest bosoms. Though, some claim that she has had a little help in the breast department. Photos that compare her now to her early years are said to reveal at least a cup or two increase in her chest. This is kinda hard to agree with, especially when you note that while her bosoms are a bit more pronounced today than when she was younger, they don’t have the trademark roundness and precision in perkiness that is the Hollywood standard in fake breasts. They are by no means horrible, just modest and more realistic in appearance.

Nicole Kidman Botox Injections

Though the biggest accusation is that despite her insistence that she did not like her experience with Botox, that she has gone back on her word. This year at the Cannes festival she was seen sporting a face that seemed almost inflated, lacking in movements, and wrinkles. It can be understandable for her to have had a change of heart, given that she is not far from her fifties.

Some are speculating her look is the result of possible Botox injections again, or that she has even started using fillers. If she had put on some weight, or even if she had been stung by a bee or two, it would be easier to believe she had stayed natural.

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nicole kidman plastic surgery before and after 2024

Has Nicole Kidman had plastic surgery? How Kidman confronts the notion of plastic surgery.

In regards to Botox, the legendary star is denying the accusations, of course, and sticking with her previous statement that it is not something she would try again. She also denies ever having had any sort of breast augmentation as well. She only mildly tarnished her natural reputation with admitting to trying Botox earlier in her career. If she continues to insist this year’s look is still not tampered with, it may impact her quite negatively.

Critics of her latest movie already made jabs at her performance and look, comparing her stiff acting with her frozen face. Though, there is some hope still that this year’s unsuccessful attempts to look younger will re-affirm for her the folly of plastic surgery. It would be a shame for someone who built a lot of reputation as one of the few natural beauties left in Hollywood to spoil it.

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