Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery 2024

One of the 90s many recognizable television actresses, Nikki Cox, was born Nicole Avery Cox in 1978. She had many roles on various shows, most notably were her roles on Unhappily Ever After, Las Vegas and Nikki. Though she also had a slew of smaller roles and appearances on a variety of series, such as Baywatch and even Star Trek; The Next Generation. The now thirty-six-year-old actress’s career seems to have been canceled since around 2009. Many people speculate it was Nikki Cox plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures that ruined her face, and thus her career. Did Nikki Cox have plastic surgery?

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

nikki cox plastic surgery before and after 2024

Nikki Cox Before and After Plastic Surgery

Has Nikki Cox Had Plastic Surgery?

While the usual gambit of accusations has been hurled at her, the biggest are that she had gone too far with Botox and fillers, destroying her winning smile. Comparing her younger pictures with her 2009 face, it was quite obvious that there was some misjudgment on her and her doctor’s part. She went from having a beautiful, well-balanced face with an award winning smile, to looking like something from a cartoon. Her cheeks and lips were too big, and they left no doubt that she had either gotten fat grafts, fillers, or at the very least too much Botox.

To a lesser extent, it has also been leveled against her for getting breast augmentation, though for most in Hollywood that is not really a shocker. It is the extent of deformity in her face that have many calling her another poster child for when plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures go wrong. Even today, her lips have taken on the shape that many have begun to term “trout pout.”  Though, one saving grace is the fact that in the last year or so she has seemingly left her cheeks alone at least.

nikki cox before and after plastic surgery 2024

How has Nikki responded to the allegations of plastic surgery?

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Surprise, surprise, she denies it all and even claims it is just media propaganda to damage her career. She goes on to claim that any changes to her appearance have been the result of battling with weight issues. Though other than her face, there hasn’t been much note of any weight gain anywhere else during her entire career.

Despite he attempts to turn the accusations back on the people flinging them and sounding a bit paranoid about Hollywood’s fickle nature, her days on the silver screen seems to have gone away in favor of more domesticated living. She has been seen with her husband in the most casual clothes you can get into, sweats and baggy shirts, to run errands.

Did the drastic change in appearance really kill her career?

Quite possibly. Then again, Hollywood has always been a fickle mistress that thrived on gossip. If you give critics the smallest bit to run with they can truly make mountains from grains of sand. A lot of her reputation was built on her wholesome looks and natural smile. When she presented so radical appearance that was far removed from what she had been known for, she fell quite out of favor.

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