Axl Rose Plastic Surgery 2024

Did Axl Rose have plastic surgery? Some speculate it’s the result of botox injections. The infamous bad boy rocker from the 80’s, Axl Rose has been criticized and hounded to admit he’s been under the knife since he returned to the public life. After his band parted ways, he is reported to have gone into seclusion and there underwent some time reversing procedures to keep the rocker looking hot. Among the supposed procedures, he is reported to have had a lot of facial work and hair plugs implanted. Looking at his before and after pictures it is really hard to tell if he actually had work, of it time and some extra weight or fluctuations in weight have filled out his cheeks a bit.

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

axl rose plastic surgery before and after photos 2024

Axl Rose Before and After Plastic Surgery

Has Axl Rose Had Plastic Surgery?

In his younger days, Axl Rose sported a wispy frame, long golden locks, and taught, drawn face. He also wore the look of someone singing their hearts out while under the influence of a questionable mix of substances. Today, however, he is seen in a slightly more filled out frame with strawberry-blonde braids and a filled out face. The big speculation going around is that he is the victim of botched or failed plastic surgery. Rumor has it that he attempted to have some work done on his cheek bones and somehow the fat used in the procedure when south, as they say.

Honestly, stars and Hollywood people may not realize it, but your look changes as you get older. In some of his pictures of him as supposed after surgery shots, he simply looks like he neglected the gym for a while. That is unless the rogue fat also went beneath his chin and made a second one. He appears to have simply filled out with age, at times he looks a bit more plump than others, but overall, it looks like he has been more under the affects of time than the clumsy knife of a plastic surgeon.

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Axl Rose Botox Injections

Other theories have been slung out there that he has been the victim of too much botox and that is the reason for his cheeks to look so misshapen and rosy. Axl, of course, denies having had any procedures and shrugs off the insinuations. It is not surprising for him to be so nonchalant about the rumors. If in the distant future the remains of Hollywood were to be unearthed in an archeological dig, the future archeologists would find a lot of inorganic bits and pieces on the bodies. You and old alike are likely to have some sort of cosmetic procedure done. People sensationalize over if it seems like they had a botched operation, if they are too young, if they have had too many, or even if they don’t have some to fix something.

Axl, like many who are accused of going under the knife or getting injections, doesn’t care to pander to the rumor mills that drive just about everyone a little bit crazy at times. Real or fake, fans will be fans and haters will be haters. For Mr. Rose, he simply carries on and lets people speculate to their heart’s content.

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