Jessica Lange Plastic Surgery 2024

Jessica Lange is in her sixties but still going strong in Hollywood. At a period in her life when many actresses are unable to work as their looks fade, Jessica has shown the range of talent to take on more mature roles, while still looking attractive as she ages gracefully. Did Jessica Lange have plastic surgery?

Jessica Lange Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

jessica lange plastic surgery before and after photos 2024

Has Jessica Lange Had Plastic Surgery?

Speculation about Jessica Lange plastic surgery procedures has been a favorite of tabloids and TV shows since the 1980s. She refuses to answer questions about it, but that just leads to more speculation about her plastic surgery than ever. It’s obvious from looking at photographs of her over a period of decades that she’s had numerous procedures done, but for the most part, they’ve always been minor changes to her appearance. Those minor changes are adding up now, and so they’re becoming easier to spot in photographs of her.

Jessica Lange Facelift

Jessica Lange first became well known when she starred in a remake of King Kong back in the 1970s. She had a girl-next-door freshness to go along with her striking figure and sultry voice. She appears to have tried to extend this fresh-faced look with a series of lifts to her face, probably a full facelift, a brow lift, and Botox injections. Her brow lift is probably the most noticeable of the plastic surgery procedures. While it has had the desired effect of keeping her upper eyes from having a hooded look, it has also changed the shape of her face somewhat, and given her a bit of a squint.

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Jessica Lange Before and After Plastic Surgery

jessica lange before and after plastic surgery 2024

While Jessica Lange’s plastic surgery procedures have been minor and tasteful, it’s apparent that there have been many trips to the doctor to have Botox, or perhaps Restylane or Juvederm injected into her forehead and other areas of her face. Though she is well into her sixties, her forehead appears perfectly smooth and looks taut and shiny in almost all her photographs. There is no evidence of crow’s feet at the corner of the eyes, and she has never developed the lipstick lines around her mouth you would expect for a woman of her age.

While the plastic surgery speculation mostly centered on her face, some observers noticed that her neck is also very taut and wrinkle-free. Many women that have multiple procedures to smooth the skin on their face neglect to address their neck, which can lead to a mismatch that makes it obvious that work has been done. Jessica’s entire décolletage looks great, and in keeping with the look of her face and neck.

Since Jessica Lange is a serious actress, it’s great that she didn’t make the mistake so many actresses do and have so much work done on their face that they can no longer make the expressive faces that movie cameras demand. Eyelifts have helped her continue to show her eyes properly, instead of having them obscured under the folds that develop with age, and that gives her a more vital, energetic expression than she might have otherwise. While she looks her age, Jessica looks great, and can continue working for as long as she likes. 

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