Bob Costas Plastic Surgery 2024

Bob Costas is a 62-year-old sportscaster for NBC. He has been a personality with the national network since the early 1980s and has hosted nine Olympic games for the network. Costas is also known for his play-by-play commentary for the MLB Network. He has had a long and varied career in sportscasting, starting with NFL and NBA along with Major League Baseball. He has even co-hosted the Kentucky Derby and hosted the U.S. Open Golf Tournament.

Bob Costas Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

bob costas plastic surgery before and after photos 2024

Bob Costas Before and After Plastic Surgery

When people think of celebrities having cosmetic surgery, they often think of women. The entertainment industry, however, is equally vicious when it comes to men. Actors, actresses, and other entertainers fell pressured to maintain their youthful looks to compete with the younger, up-and-coming stars of the present.

Has Bob Costas Had Plastic Surgery?

Did Bob Costas have plastic surgery? Costas has little or no wrinkles or lines on the forehead. The skin is smooth and youthful looking, indicating that Botox may have been used to reverse the signs of aging. Many also believe that he has used Botox around the eyes to keep the wrinkles and laugh lines away. This may be the case, and celebrity watchers have noted that, just before the 2014 Olympics, Costas seems to have had another treatment.

Bob Costas Botox Injections

Botox is used to treat the appearance of frown lines on the brow and has become widespread since the discovery of its cosmetic effects in 1989.

Many people believe that his eye infection during this time may have been caused by Botox. His absence from some of the Olympic coverage has added fuel to the fires of speculation, with people saying that the infection, caused by Botox caused him to miss work. Although the known side-effects of treatments include headaches, difficulty swallowing, and flu-like symptoms among others, “pink eye” is not one of the side effects of the treatment. Cosmetic surgeons generally believe that his infection was not caused by injections.

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It has also been speculated that Costas has undergone some facelift surgery along with the Botox treatments. The broadcaster has very few lines on his face, and loose skin has been minimized. Many people believe that Costas has undergone too much surgery, and feel that his face is too rigid and doesn’t emote properly. Again, this represents the personal opinions of some people, and there are just as many voices saying that the surgery looks good.


No word has come from Costas himself regarding any treatments he may have received, but it’s clear from his appearance that something is not natural. There is also some debate about whether the treatments look good or not. While this is up to the personal tastes of viewers, and Costas himself, his face does not appear distorted in the way that some celebrities do after excessive treatments.

Bob Costas has been in the public eye for a long time now, and he hopes to remain so for a long time to come. Plastic surgery is just another way for him to appear young and stay competitive in the world of broadcasting.

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