Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery 2024

Born on August 29th, 1958 in Indiana, Michael Jackson would grow up to be a world-famous pop star. Beloved by millions of fans, many of his songs reached out and broke through cultural boundaries. Beginning as part of the Jackson Five, his talent as a charismatic singer were seen from a young age. The only thing that could be said more drastic than the fact of how suddenly he died on the eve of perhaps his biggest tour is how he transformed his appearance over the years. With each decade and transition of his musical styling, not only did his facial features change, his entire skin tone seemed to as well. Did Michael Jackson have plastic surgery?

Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

michael jackson plastic surgery before and after 2024

Michael Jackson Before and After Plastic Surgery

Michael Jackson’s early years.

In his early pictures as the youngest member of the Jackson family group, Michael can be seen as a smiling, dark-skinned boy that loved to sport the popular puffy hairstyle of the time. Up into his teens and early twenties, the young man grew with normal features, though began to tame his hair into more controlled curls. His skin did seem to begin to lighten slightly, which is not uncommon with maturing. By 1983 though, the first signs of him altering his nose can be seen.

Has Michael Jackson Had Plastic Surgery? The evolution of his face from that point on.

Through the 80s his nose began to change more and more, growing thinner and more angular as the decade progressed. His skin tone also began to change, growing lighter and lighter until it was hard to tell his ethnicity without knowing his background. His hair, while keeping the hallmark curls also had begun to relax into longer and straighter locks.

By the 90s and throughout them, his features began to transform. His lips and cheeks also began to take on different shapes as well. In the mid-nineties, his appearance became somewhat grotesque at times, in between surgeries, where nothing of his face had symmetry.

In 2001 he seemed to have gotten a better handle on his facial features, those his nose remained very thin and angular, his cheeks and lips returned to sensible proportions. His skin tone though had come to resemble nothing like his younger years. From his beginning years to his last decade, he went from a clearly African-American appearance to something far removed from such.

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The last decade of his life.

His death came in 2009, and leading up to that point his look continued to become more pale, and his features were angular all around. Pictures from his last days show a gaunt figure with a pallid complexion, bearing shadows of stress and conflict. There is no legitimate denial in the amount of plastic surgery that he underwent in his life.

One of the biggest controversies about his choice in cosmetic procedures, though, was what he had done to his skin. Some claim that he suffered from a pigment disorder that caused his flesh to lose its coloration and that is why he seemed to transform from one race to another. However, the disease does not progress as even as his transition, and there is little doubt in his use of cosmetic procedures to help reduce the blotching that is a trademark for the disorder.


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