Marina Sirtis Plastic Surgery 2024

Just mentioning the name Marina Sirtis can make Star Trek fans perk up within a hundred miles. The vivacious and bold actress’s most famous role was the sexy empathic ship’s counselor Deanna Troi on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Born in 1955 in London, England to a devout Greek family, her career began as an actor on stage, a full decade before she was cast for the famous role. One thing a lot of her fans may not know either was that she was actually what you would call an ugly duckling. Growing up she was the awkward and mousy girl who most people would not look twice at. During her time on Star Trek, she became something of a sex symbol for many fans. Which, in Hollywood can be something of an interesting experience, especially given the fact she was past her twenties when it first began.

Marina Sirtis Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

marina sirtis plastic surgery before and after 2024

Marina Sirtis Before and After Plastic Surgery

Has Marina Sirtis had plastic surgery? With being a sex symbol came the critics.

Did Marina Sirtis have plastic surgery? You cannot be pretty past a certain age in Hollywood without a critic somewhere kicking up the rumor mills regarding how you keep up that appearance. The typical speculations about Botox, fillers, liposuction and so-on were tossed about. Though for Marina, most of the questions and accusations centered around her breast while she was on the show.

Marina openly admits and talks about how she felt pressured to have her breast redone to balance out her body and keep up with the sex symbol status. Given her age during the life of the series and movies, she felt they were not perky enough for her character. Though,

Marina says she instantly regretted having them done. They looked more like what you expect a woman’s breast to be on screen, but for her they were uncomfortable.

marina sirtis before and after plastic surgery 2024

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How Marian Sirtis feels about plastic surgery.

Despite not being happy with the results, and being told she should just have them redone again, she feels like it would be silly. She was raised to lay in the bed you make, and she says she will live with the consequences of her decision. In her mind, the culture in Hollywood is a bit ridiculous regarding the notion that if something is wrong, you are encouraged to just go to the plastic surgeon and get some work done.

From the looks of her staying away from cosmetic procedures has been a good thing. Aside from her perked bosoms, she is another actress who has been aging quite well. Part of her continuing appeal, even as she is nearing her 60s is that after a lot of struggles regarding her self-esteem and self-image in life, she is confident in who she is and proud of it.

She wears makeup, works out regularly and takes care of herself. The subtle lines of time have been creeping along the edges of her face and body over the years, but beyond what Botox could ever do, she continues to have a radiant smile because of what shines outward from within.

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