Priscilla Presley Plastic Surgery

What happened to Elvis Presley’s wife? Time (and the plastic surgeons scalpel) hasn’t exactly been kind to Priscilla Presley, the former wife of legendary recording artist Elvis Presley. In fact, Priscilla Presley is almost unrecognizable compared to what she looked like just five or six years ago. And comparing pictures from today to Priscilla Presley… [Read More]

Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery

Vivica Anjetta Fox is one classy Hollywood lady that has been known for having sass and spirit. Born in 1964, the fifty-year-old actress has been on the big and little screen since 1988. On her hefty list of movies and television, achievements are things such as her role in Independence Day, and she was the… [Read More]

Elizabeth McGovern Plastic Surgery

Has Elizabeth McGovern had plastic surgery? Did a Elizabeth McGovern superstar really go through multiple plastic surgery procedures to get her look just right? According to multiple rumors swirling around the Internet today, there may be some truth to Elizabeth McGovern undergoing multiple plastic surgery procedures to really hammer home the elegant and classic look she’s… [Read More]