Madeleine Stowe Plastic Surgery

Madeleine Stowe is an American actress that was born in 1958 and has been in the acting business since 1978. She has been nominated for and won many awards over her long and diverse career. Her work includes both television and big screen roles. One of her more recent roles that have also won her… [Read More]

Halle Berry Plastic Surgery

Model, actress, and spokeswoman for Revlon are just a few of the titles that Halle Berry can claim. The 48-year-old is also a wife, mother, and one of the top paid actresses in Hollywood. With all the achievements in her career hinging on her appearance, the big question that a lot of people ask is… [Read More]

Gwyneth Paltrow Plastic Surgery

Actress, mother, wife, and health fanatic, Gwyneth Paltrow has gotten a lot of critique regarding her views on healthy living. The nearly forty-two-year-old has even published a cookbook that centers around a more organic style of cooking. However, in interviews following its release when asked about her how strict she followed her own advice regarding… [Read More]

Cheryl Burke Plastic Surgery

What is Cheryl Burke doing going under the knife again? Cheryl Burke, a mainstay on Dancing With the Stars continues to deny that she has had any plastic surgery performed whatsoever, even though before and after pictures paint a pretty different picture. Did Cheryl Burke have plastic surgery? Obviously, people are going to undergo different changes with… [Read More]

Brooke Burke Plastic Surgery

She’s beautiful, in her early forties and known for her views on the role of diet and exercise in staying fit and looking young. Brooke Burke even has a fitness DVD out that is designed to show others how to use physical exercise to improve and maintain their bodies. Burke considers intensive exercise her anti-depressant,… [Read More]