Anna Faris Plastic Surgery 2024

How does funny woman and drop dead gorgeous actress Anna Faris stay so good-looking? It almost doesn’t seem fair that Anna Faris would have been so blessed with drop dead gorgeous good looks AND a razor sharp sense of humor – not to mention the acting chops to single-handedly carry a number of different Hollywood blockbuster franchises and a brand-new hit show on television. I mean, some girls get all the luck!

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

anna faris plastic surgery before and after photos 2024

Anna Faris Before and After Plastic Surgery

However, Anna has been pretty open and honest about how she’s been able to stay so young looking, so beautiful, and so full of confidence, even as she matures into one of Hollywood’s more “veteran actresses” – almost always a death sentence for those without the kind of Oscar hardware that legendary superstars like Meryl Streep enjoys. It’s plastic surgery.

Has Anna Faris Had Plastic Surgery?

Did Anna Faris have plastic surgery? Always one of the best interviews in the business, Anna has been pretty open and honest about her approach to plastic surgery – though she will not give any concrete specifics about any of the procedures that she’s already had performed over there outside of her (obvious) breast augmentation.

She started down the path of plastic surgery shortly after divorcing her first husband, understanding that things just weren’t working out between the two of them quite the way that they had hoped.

Anna Faris Boob Job

After feeling a little bit down in the dumps about the collapse of her marriage, she decided to really try and embrace being single – and it all started off with a bit of a boob job!

Already loving the way she looked and not wanting to fool around with things too much, she decided to go with a slight augmentation to firm things up a bit without going with the full Tara Reid experience.

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The surgeon at performed her plastic surgery definitely did a good job. There aren’t too terribly many people that would argue that it didn’t work out for the best!

Other procedures?

After admitting that she had undergone a breast augmentation surgery to help her feel even more beautiful after her divorce, she also admitted that there have been other plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery procedures performed but wouldn’t go into detail.

Just going off of before and after pictures, it’s almost too obvious that there have been a handful of nips and tucks here and there when you’re talking about the 38-year-old actress.

Anna Faris Facelift

There’s been some surgery performed. Lip augmentation is always one of the more popular things for more veteran actresses to undergo, and it certainly looks like Anna has decided to go in that direction as well. There is also some talk about silicone or Botox injections to firm up and eliminate any and all wrinkles or laugh lines that she is carrying – but there is no concrete evidence to prove that this has actually happened. The one thing that can be said definitively about her surgery is that she has not undergone a nose surgery in any way, shape, or form. Her nose is still the same today as it has always been, and is one of the most endearing physical qualities about her – the thing that really gets her that “girl next door” kind of look!

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