Courtney Love Plastic Surgery 2024

Courtney Love can’t stop – won’t stop – with the plastic surgery anytime soon – It’s almost impossible to remember today without firing up Google and looking for images from almost 20 years ago, but Courtney Love (before she started to dabble in the world of hard drugs, alcohol, terrible life decisions, and plastic surgery) was a very attractive young woman. But those days are pretty much long gone.

Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

courtney love plastic surgery before and after photos 2024

Courtney Love Before and After Plastic Surgery

Courtney Love has always embraced her rockstar persona, but she has definitely taken it to the highest possible extremes when it comes to recapturing (or, at least, attempting to recapture) those youthful days when things seemed to be a whole lot simpler.

Did Courtney Love have plastic surgery? There isn’t a day that goes by today without multiple people posting pictures of botched Courtney Love plastic surgery procedures, and the star has reportedly announced to just about anyone and everyone that will listen that she has absolutely no intention to stop with the plastic surgery procedures anytime soon.

In fact, she has reportedly announced that there are going to be even more plastic surgery procedures to come in just the next few months – and that she refuses to stop, and will not stop playing around with her look until she is dead and buried.

Pretty strong stuff, for sure.

Has Courtney Love had plastic surgery? Just how many Courtney Love’s plastic surgery procedures have there been in the past?

There have been so many different plastic surgery procedures in just the last two decades that it’s almost impossible to come to any definitive number.

The celebrity rocker has gone under the plastic surgeon’s knife at least 15 times in the past 15 years, and honestly, that’s probably a bit of a conservative number.

Courtney Love Facelift, Nose Job and Boob Job

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She has definitely had multiple nose jobs (a handful to fix the shape and profile, a handful to fix those botched jobs, and then a handful to change and reshape it as she gets older), and has also been pretty upfront and honest about facial reconstruction surgery (especially around her eyes, lips, and chin), and it definitely looks like she’s had at least one or two different breast augmentations done in the past.

This is a tremendous amount of work, and one has to imagine that the plastic surgery team is laughing all the way to the bank while they continue to slice and dice this once beautiful young recording artist.

Why have so many of the Courtney plastic surgery procedures went wrong?

The number one reason that most of the plastic surgery that Courtney has decided to go forward with have ended up looking a lot worse than just about anyone could have imagined has to do with the kind of lifestyle that she leads immediately post operation.

Any good plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgery professional will tell you that rest and recovery (and a pretty much stress-free life) is critical to the healing process and making sure that everything looks as good as it can when the bandages come off.

The odds are pretty much stacked against Courtney that she’ll ever have the time or the inclination to just sort of unwind and let the healing process go about its business without tossing everything up in the air once again.

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