Brooke Burke Plastic Surgery 2024

She’s beautiful, in her early forties and known for her views on the role of diet and exercise in staying fit and looking young. Brooke Burke even has a fitness DVD out that is designed to show others how to use physical exercise to improve and maintain their bodies. Burke considers intensive exercise her anti-depressant, an addition to her life she likely needed after undergoing surgery to remove a tumor in her throat that she had been concerned might be thyroid cancer. Thankfully, the tumor was benign.

Brooke Burke Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

brooke burke plastic surgery before and after photos 2024

Brooke Burke Before and After Plastic Surgery

Still, the exercise helps her deal with her active and sometimes stressful life. She follows a simple Mediterranean style diet with lots of leafy green vegetables that she believes helps her maintain good health and give her body the nutrients it needs to resist the detrimental effects of aging. Her time on Dancing With The Stars showed off her great physique. With all this going for her, you would think Brooke Burke was a woman who would never considers plastic surgery of any kind. You would be wrong.

Has Brooke Burke Had Plastic Surgery?

Did Brooke Burke have plastic surgery? Brooke was married for four years to celebrity plastic surgeon Garth Fisher. During that time she saw up close the way that having plastic surgery can be an easy fix for those looking to keep up appearances. She also saw how the various procedures could become an addiction for those who always seemed to feel they needed just one more bit of work done to look their best. There were too many women who went a little crazy having cosmetic work performed. It scared her, she says.

In Burke’s opinion, any plastic surgery done to someone should be something that no one else can notice. Sure, there are before and after photos. But the effects of a well done cosmetic procedure should be subtle. Those effects may cause some speculation, but the answer should be if they had work done, no one can tell for sure. That’s how you know the surgery was a good choice to Burke.

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Brooke Burke Boob Job

Even with all her feelings about the roles of diet and exercise to good health, Burke herself has gone under the surgeon’s knife before. While in her twenties she had breast implants put in. Over the years, the change must have made her wonder about the wisdom of doing that, or maybe it was her growing belief that keeping oneself fit was more a matter of natural health routines. Whichever it was, Burke had the implants either taken out or switched to smaller ones after several years.

Today Brooke Burke appears happy, satisfied with both her appearance and her life. She works hard to maintain good health and understands her body better than in the past. With the success she has achieved with her fitness DVDs, she hopes to show others the way to keep the problems that too often come with aging to a minimum without having to resort to artificial means like plastic surgery.

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