Alexa Vega Plastic Surgery

Everything You Need to Know about These Alexa Vega Plastic Surgery Rumors – Even though Alexa Vega only recently blew out the candles on her 31st birthday there are still quite a bit of Alexa Vega plastic surgery rumors out there – some of which have been following this young superstar celebrity for almost 10… [Read More]

Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery

Has Donatella Versace had plastic surgery? Donatella Versace is a poster for NOT getting plastic surgery – There are a lot of celebrity plastic surgery nightmares out there, but few of them can come close to the absolute destruction that elastic surgeons have wreaked upon Donatella Versace over the last few decades. Hands down one of the… [Read More]

Courtney Love Plastic Surgery

Courtney Love can’t stop – won’t stop – with the plastic surgery anytime soon – It’s almost impossible to remember today without firing up Google and looking for images from almost 20 years ago, but Courtney Love (before she started to dabble in the world of hard drugs, alcohol, terrible life decisions, and plastic surgery)… [Read More]

Ciara Plastic Surgery

Has Ciara Had Plastic Surgery? Ciara (born Ciara Princess Harris) was one of the biggest recording artists in the early 2000’s and remains one of the most popular vocal artists of her generation – with multiple platinum’s going triple gold platinum and a smash hit “Goodies” hitting number three on the Billboard charts. But what most people… [Read More]