Ciara Plastic Surgery 2024

Has Ciara Had Plastic Surgery? Ciara (born Ciara Princess Harris) was one of the biggest recording artists in the early 2000’s and remains one of the most popular vocal artists of her generation – with multiple platinum’s going triple gold platinum and a smash hit “Goodies” hitting number three on the Billboard charts. But what most people are talking about today when they bring up Ciara has next to nothing to do with her talent, her abilities, or the records that she’s sold – and everything to do with whether or not there has been some Ciara plastic surgery performed, and if so, who did the work that botched the job? Did Ciara have plastic surgery?

Ciara Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

ciara plastic surgery before and after photos 2024

Ciara Before and After Plastic Surgery

Has there been any plastic surgery performed in the past?

The number one question on people’s minds today in regards to see is not just whether or not she’s had plastic surgery performed in the past (most people firmly believe that she has), but how much plastic surgery she’s actually gone through with.

According to rumors (some of them from highly positioned entertainment reporters and journalists in the know), Ciara has undergone multiple plastic surgeries – many of them to fix the original nose job she had, but also some work on her facial structure, her chin, her smile and her lips, and even a subtle breast augmentation.

What went wrong with Ciara nose job? 

Comparing pictures from when Ciara first exploded onto the scene and pictures were taken five or six years ago to the pictures taken today; you’re going to see a number of significant changes with her nasal structure (and not all of them are flattering).

The truth is, whoever performed plastic surgery on the initial nose job definitely did a pretty terrible job – and she has been working double-overtime to get the original work fixed, finally landing on a nose that she’s happy with only just recently.

But how many different Ciara plastic surgery procedures did she have to go through to get to this point?

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Depending upon who you’re listening to, there have been at least five different plastic surgery procedures done on her nose alone, with the overwhelming majority of them almost immediately following up the initial nose job that was just next to awful.

Today, Ciara is hands down one of the most beautiful recording artists in the public eye today, and she finally has settled on a shape and form factor that she’s obviously happy with.

We’ve compared pictures from two years ago right up until ones taken just a few days ago, and it doesn’t appear that there have been any other changes to her at all – on her nose or anywhere else, for that matter!

This might mean that her days of working with the plastic surgery team are over with and that she is finally happy with the face she sees in the mirror.

We certainly hope so anyways, as there are probably millions and millions of women all over the world that would die to look as good as she does right now!

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