Joanna Krupa Plastic Surgery

When you watch the Real Housewives of Miami, or any of the numerous Real Housewives show, you might think the shows were about plastic surgery first, and being a housewife second. It’s not just when the cameras are rolling, either. After the shows are over, the entire audience goes to the water cooler at work… [Read More]

Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery

People have grown used to Hollywood celebrities using plastic surgery to keep their appearance young and beautiful. Many never doubt the rumors and gossip rampant about this star or that one and the procedures they have supposedly had done to alter or enhance their looks. It’s taken for granted that this is the norm, especially… [Read More]

Britney Spears Plastic Surgery

Did Britney Spears have plastic surgery? Unlike a lot of celebrities who stick with vigorous denial when confronted with the question, Britney Spears freely admits she has indulged in cosmetic surgery procedures. She even says doing so was fun. Her candid attitude is a refreshing change, and maybe also a sign that the younger generation of stars… [Read More]