Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery

Born on August 29th, 1958 in Indiana, Michael Jackson would grow up to be a world-famous pop star. Beloved by millions of fans, many of his songs reached out and broke through cultural boundaries. Beginning as part of the Jackson Five, his talent as a charismatic singer were seen from a young age. The only… [Read More]

Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery

It has become so prevalent to see Hollywood stars attempt to retain their youth as they age by engaging in plastic surgery that sometimes that is the assumption made no matter what else they may have done. Plastic surgery has become the routine for celebrities, getting a nip here and tuck, or an injection, there… [Read More]

Rick Springfield Plastic Surgery

Aging is a tough process. This is especially true for celebrities who were known for being good looking and sexy in their youth. Sex sells and losing what you believe were the traits that made you sexually appealing can cause even the strongest-hearted celebrity to consider ways to regain a more youthful appearance. One of… [Read More]

Lark Voorhies Plastic Surgery

Lark Voorhies is best known for her role as Lisa Turtle in Saved by the Bell.  In the past few years, though, the 40-year-old actress has been notable for her plastic surgery and strange behavior.  There has been some debate about whether her look is due to Lark Voorhies plastic surgery, or bad makeup application,… [Read More]

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery

Born in the May of 1986, Megan Fox has been one actress and model that has had a tenuous affair with popularity. She was always more interested in acting and dancing, training from an early age and preferring the arts to traditional education. Despite always being fairly pretty, in school, she claims she was outcast… [Read More]