Lark Voorhies Plastic Surgery 2024

Lark Voorhies is best known for her role as Lisa Turtle in Saved by the Bell.  In the past few years, though, the 40-year-old actress has been notable for her plastic surgery and strange behavior.  There has been some debate about whether her look is due to Lark Voorhies plastic surgery, or bad makeup application, and more debate has popped up around the way she acts and speaks during interviews. Did Lark Voorhies have plastic surgery?

Lark Voorhies Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

lark voorhies plastic surgery before and after 2024

Lark Voorhies Before and After Plastic Surgery


Lately, the star has gained notoriety/infamy for her bizarre look and behavior.  Speculation abounds about Voorhie’s looks, with many blaming plastic surgery for the drastic change in her looks.  Other speculation says that it’s simply a matter of poorly applied makeup… or maybe it’s a combination of both.  There seems to be a lot of debate, depending on which websites or celebrity news sources you check.  There is no doubt, though that something not terribly nice is going on.  If she doesn’t have someone in charge of makeup, she needs to get one, and if she has one, she needs a new one.

In a number of photos, the skin around Voorhies’ eyes is much lighter than the rest of her face, and her eyes also appear much smaller than they were original.  They are narrower and appear stretched; giving her the “cat woman” appearance that Jocelyn Wildenstein is famous for.

Around the eyes, the skin is much lighter than the rest of her face, and some are blaming it on a bad makeup job, or even the skin condition of Melasma.  Even if it was a skin condition causing the uneven looks, whoever applied the makeup should probably have made things a little darker around the eyes.

lark voorhies before and after plastic surgery 2024

Lark Voorhies Botox Injection

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The skin on her face is tight without showing any wrinkles that would normally be present in someone of the same age, and her lips also appear to have had injections as well, since they seem fuller.  A brow lift also appears to have been performed, since her eyebrows appear higher up above her eyes.  In older photos of the actress, her eyebrows are further down and seem darker.

Adding to all this, the general shape of her face seems to have changed.  Her jawline appears slightly different, and it’s possible that facial fillers have been used.

Has Lark Voorhies Had Plastic Surgery?

Voorhies has denied that she has undergone any type of plastic surgery, and has blamed the look on bad makeup.  Like Michael Jackson, however, it seems impossible that her look could have changed so drastically without cosmetic surgery.  The actress’ mother revealed that Voorhies is suffering from bipolar disorder, in which can cause an abrupt change in the appearance of sufferers.  Whether or not this is the cause of her unusual looks and behavior is unknown.  It will be up to celebrity watchers and fans to discuss and debate.

So what does all this mean for Lark Voorhies?  No one knows for certain.  Whether it’s plastic surgery or bad makeup, bipolar disorder, or eccentric personality, or something else entirely, Lark Voorhies continues to be a strange and interesting former child star.

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