Kim Delaney Plastic Surgery 2024

Kim Delaney starred as Detective Diane Russell on the television series NYPD Blue has been reported to have had plastic surgery. Born in 1961 she got her first real acting job in 1981 when she joined the cast of All My Children as the teenage Jenny Gardner Nelson. She has also starred in movies and television series such as The Delta Force, Some Kind of Wonderful, Army Wives, CSI Miami and Mission to Mars. Though evidence points to the fact that she may have had her looks enhanced through the use of plastic surgery it has yet to be confirmed one hundred percent. Did Kim Delaney have plastic surgery?

Kim Delaney Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

kim delaney plastic surgery before and after 2024

Kim Delaney Before and After Plastic Surgery

Lips Surgery – Duck mouth is silent

Duck mouth, or duck lips, is the name given to cosmetic surgery of the lips that has gone wrong, causing the lips to curl unnaturally. This has occurred to several other actresses in the past, including Lisa Rinna. Rumors are that Kim’s lips have had this procedure, but the actress herself has not confirmed the fact. If you look at her before and after pictures, however, the evidence points to only one possible conclusion.

Like many celebrities, it is not easy to get her to confirm whether or not the rumors are true. So did she or didn’t she?

Can 50 be flawless? Natural Beauty, Botox or Just Makeup?

Age fifty is not necessarily old for a woman, but for an actress, it could mean life or death of a career or at least denial of certain parts in television and movies. This is probably part of the inevitable pressure actresses’ face during their careers. In order to get certain roles, a youthful look is necessary, and many actresses will do whatever it takes to land that role. In her current photos, critics say her skin is too flawless, being too smooth with no visible wrinkles. Can you hide natural wrinkles by the use of makeup alone?

kim delaney before and after plastic surgery 2024


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It is well known that many Hollywood celebrities struggle with trying to maintain their stardom and fan base and they often resort to alcohol, drugs and even plastic surgery in order to maintain and even gain status.

Struggles with alcohol have seen this actress seek rehab in the past and she has been arrested for suspicion of drunk driving at least once. Natural aging certainly changes one’s physical appearance, so too does the use of alcohol, smoking, and drugs; that is not to say that Kim is in anyway using the two later substances. We do know that in 2011, during a speech she was trying to deliver during the Liberty Medal Awards presentation, she had to be escorted off stage, as she rambled, apparently incoherently.

Has Kim Delaney had plastic surgery? The jury remains undecided

So far Kim has yet to admit to any cosmetic touch ups of any kind.

As Army Wives aired its last episodes in March 2014, Kim, as a past cast member, joined in the final salute reunion. She has not been seen or heard of much in the media since and so far there is still no official word from her as to whether the rumors of plastic surgery are true.

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