Elle MacPherson Plastic Surgery 2024

Can you believe that  Elle MacPherson is 50 years old? We can’t either! Some girls just have all the luck.  One of the most beautiful women to ever become a supermodel, and arguably the world’s most recognizable supermodel before Giselle came along, “The Body”  Elle MacPherson still has it going on and looks better than a lot of current supermodels do – even at the age of 50!

 Elle MacPherson Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

elle mcpherson plastic surgery before and after photos 2024

 Elle MacPherson Before and After Plastic Surgery

It’s almost impossible to imagine someone so glamorous and so beautiful being able to fight off Father Time quite the way that Elle has been able to over the years, but she continues to insist that it’s all because of her diet and exercise habits (not to mention a very regimented skin care routine that she hasn’t deviated from in over 30 years) – and that there hasn’t been any secret  Elle MacPherson plastic surgery performed in the past. Did  Elle MacPherson have plastic surgery?

Well, the jury is still out as to whether or not that last bit is true (and our money is on there being at least one or two plastic surgery procedures somewhere in her past), but even still any changes she has decided to undergo have been incredibly subtle and only serve to support her beauty.

It’s almost as if time has frozen for Elle Macpherson

Far and away the most beautiful supermodel to ever come out Australia, Elle (and another legendary supermodel of the same era Cindy Crawford) has been able to somehow beat the slow march of time, almost as if she stumbled upon the Fountain of Youth!

Internationally known as the first real big Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue supermodel, and as mentioned above a recognized by her nickname “The Body,” we’re talking about a woman that has looked drop dead gorgeous almost since day one and has never seen her good looks wane over that period of time.

There has to be some magic to it, right?

Has  Elle MacPherson Had Plastic Surgery?

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In 2008 (the last time that she addressed plastic surgery rumors), she stated in the Daily Mail that she hadn’t had any plastic surgery performed at all – but that she wasn’t completely ruling it out in the future.

She claims that instead of going for a handful of tailor-made plastic surgery procedures she just:

  • Stays out of the sun
  • Keeps super hydrated
  • Moisturizes multiple times a day
  • And (get ready for this one) washes her hair in beer to make it shiny

Apparently, according to one of the biggest supermodels in the history of supermodels, those are the only real four secrets you need to look fantastic years and years after most people lose their youthful good looks.

As mentioned above, the jury is still out as to whether or not there has been any plastic surgery performed before 2008 – but especially afterward. It looks as though she may have had a subtle nose job and maybe a bit of cosmetic dentistry done (although she’s always had a flawless face and a perfect smile).

We’ll never know unless Elle decides to come clean herself.

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