Geena Davis Plastic Surgery 2024

Has Geena Davis Had Plastic Surgery? When most people think of turning sixty years old, they imagine things like wrinkles and creaking joints. For the actress who was born Virginia Elizabeth Davis, or better known as Geena Davis, who is not too far from her hitting her sixties, the decade in which most retire, time seems to have been defeated. She looks as radiant now as she did in her twenties. Her skin, at least from what we see of it, looks much smoother than most women in their late fifties. A healthy, svelte body, pristine visage, and the confident way she carries herself makes her a sex symbol for many men across a wide age range. Did Geena Davis have plastic surgery?

Geena Davis Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

geena davis plastic surgery before and after photos 2024

Geena Davis Before and After Plastic Surgery

Being a knockout for her age is only one more for her list of accomplishments.

Among her list of talents, abilities, and accomplishments Geena Davis has been an Olympic level archer, an athlete, model, writer, and actress. Let us not forget; she is also a member of MENSA. To summarize, she it smart, tall, attractive, talented and one of the most age-defying women in Hollywood today. She has starred in a diverse list of films and television roles that also showcase her versatility. From children movies to intense action adventure flicks, she has done a bit of everything.

Through multiple marriages, it was not until her fourth marriage that she began to have children while she was in her mid-forties. During the years she built her family, she stepped down from the screen a while to focus on her many causes, such as seeking equality for women in sports, and other ventures to help balance the amount of female to role male models in children’s television. For a time during her more family oriented years, pictures surfaced that presented a plumper but still beautiful Geena Davis. No matter what size she has gotten up to or slimmed down from, her face has remained one that seems barely aged.

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So how does she do it? Geena Davis Nose Job, Cheeks, Lips and Botox Injection

Over the years, the ever-burning star that is Geena Davis has had very few dim moments when it comes to her appearance. Her seeming disregard of the natural aging process has had many people clamoring over the idea that she has been under the knife and needle. The fact that her husband is a plastic surgeon only fuels the debate that she has had work done, despite that she remains tight-lipped about the notion of plastic surgery. When comparing a large selection of pictures taken throughout her entire life, it is easy to see where the speculation comes from. The biggest claims are that she has had her nose, cheeks, lips, and Botox done.

Even though her face has changed over the years, it appears more that having children and the subsequent weight gain that often comes with that, especially in older women, had a hand in the changes many people claim are the result of cheek augmentation. Her lips also do not appear that much different over the years, so filler really seems like a stretch. At most, her nose does seem like it has been worked on. At times, it also looks like there has been some possible Botox usage. As for her skin, she either the world’s most dedicated make-up artist, photoshop technician or one secret we would all want. Surgery cannot give you the smoothness that is seen in her skin that isn’t just on her face. As with most women, though, her beauty routine is a guarded mystery, and we will have to keep guessing.

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