Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery 2024

For Julia Roberts, plastic surgery questions are always off-limits. For someone that lives in the public eye, she gives very few interviews, and if the interviewer brings up any Julia Roberts plastic surgery rumors for discussion, the interview is ended. That’s common in the film industry, where admitting you had cosmetic surgery is like admitting you cheated on a test.

Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

julia roberts plastic surgery before and after photos 2024

Julia Roberts Before and After Plastic Surgery

Did Julia Roberts have plastic surgery? No matter how many different actors and actresses deny ever having any cosmetic procedures, they all eventually have so many operations that they can’t deny it any longer, and then they admit it. While her fans are constantly wondering about her plastic surgery rumors, there’s really no reason for her to be so secretive about it. Whatever she’s doing, she looks dynamite.

Julia Roberts isn’t just another pretty face in Hollywood. If you add up the total box office receipts for all the movies she’s starred in, they add up to over $2.5 billion. While she routinely makes lists of the world’s most beautiful women, she’s as well known for her acting skills as her pretty face. Many young starlets are afraid to admit that they have undergone plastic surgery because casting directors will begin avoiding them for roles for young women, and there are many fewer roles for older women in Hollywood. Julia Roberts doesn’t have this problem, but perhaps she continues to deny her plastic surgery rumors for the same reason.

It’s obvious to any fan or cosmetic surgery professional that Julia’s appearance has changed over the years since she broke on the movie scene in the late 1980s. In photographs of the star at the Deauville American Film Festival in France in 1990, she’s almost unrecognizable as the star everyone knows from such big hits as Pretty Woman. It’s likely from looking at her photographs from very early in her career that somewhere along the way she’s had some sort of nose job, although it’s very minor. Julia has always had big features, with a long, aquiline nose, a full mouth, large, expressive eyebrows, and thick, wild hair. That’s an unusual combination for a leading lady in Hollywood, and it’s to her credit that no matter what steps she’s taken to roll back the clock, she hasn’t tried to lessen the prominence of any of her features to make her look more like an off-the-shelf starlet.

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Has Julia Roberts had plastic surgery? Julia Roberts Botox Injections

Observers that are familiar with plastic surgery procedures mostly agree that for a woman in her late forties, Julia Roberts shows almost no signs of aging, which is practically impossible without some for of cosmetic procedure. Some have speculated on an entire facelift, but others point to the lack of crow’s feet or forehead lines and speculate that she’s probably simply relied on injectables like Botox in order to keep Father Time away. In addition to smoothing out her laugh lines and other wrinkles, it appears that Julia’s also had some form of plumping injections in her lips, which don’t look even fuller than they did thirty years ago, which is a virtual impossibility without some kind of help.

Whatever procedures Julia’s had done, it’s a shame she hasn’t shared them with her adoring public, because she’s without question a success story on how to stay young-looking without changing your appearance drastically.

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