Marie Osmond Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Keeps Marie Osmond Looking Young At 59 – Marie Osmond is a professional performer who is rumored to have had a significant amount of plastic surgery. In her younger years, she performed in a variety show alongside her brother, Donny Osmond. In her later career, she was a frequent staple of Las Vegas… [Read More]

Christa Miller Plastic Surgery

Universally regarded as one of the most beautiful celebrities in all of Hollywood, questions regarding Christa Miller plastic surgery procedures have recently started to pop up as this gorgeous woman gets older and older but continues to look better and better. Now, it’s important to remember that these plastic surgery rumors are exactly that –… [Read More]

Cheek Fillers Cost in USA

People’s interest in aesthetic medicines is growing faster than ever before. Everybody wants to find the ways of being young for a long time. Aging is unstoppable because you will get older with every passing year. However, it is possible now to remove the aging signs and look younger than the actual age. That’s why… [Read More]

Park Bom Plastic Surgery

K-Pop or Korean Pop has been gaining increasing notice in other cultures around the world. This has been largely in part to YouTube and Psy’s Gangnam Style video. Born March 24th, 1984,  in Seoul, South Korea, Park Bom is a member of the group 2NE1 and aside from her vocal talents and unusual videos, she… [Read More]

Joan Jett Plastic Surgery

Joan Jett has been rocking for decades and still looks great well into her fifties. Since she broke into the big time in 1982 with her Top Forty hit I Love Rock n Roll, she’s been a style setter as well as a popular musician. The famous singer is still touring and making headlines, and… [Read More]