Heather Locklear Plastic Surgery 2024

Born in 1961, Heather Locklear, the 50-something actress is still flaunting a sleek bombshell bod. Her face has been reported to look more fresh and bright than it has in years and it has gotten people buzzing to figure out why. As another star who seems to be winning the fight against aging, the potential for plastic surgery is definitely there. Did Heather Locklear have plastic surgery? If not the knife, then lasers, Botox, and other injections are likely suspects.

Heather Locklear Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

heather locklear plastic surgery before and after photos 2024

Heather Locklear Before and After Plastic Surgery

Has Heather Locklear had plastic surgery? How her look has changed over the years

Starring in many well-known television shows, such as “Dynasty”, “T.J. Hooker”, “Melrose Place”, and even “Spin City” she has always had a few trademarks. Her blonde hair, expressive blue eyes, and brilliant smile have always been parts pf her features. However, as she aged, there has been some speculation on what she has done to maintain her appearance. Last year she made headlines in a stunning white bikini that showed off a body that still looks as sumptuous as her days in television drama. When asked about it, she remarked that working out was the key to staying in shape. Her comments focused more on how it is difficult to commit to working out, especially past a certain age but that every woman should do her best to stick with exercising.

Heather Locklear Facelift

Even the fabulous work of her personal trainer can only take a girl so far. While it explains the general body shape, her exercising devotion doesn’t cover the fact she has had obvious breast augmentation over the years. Aside from a larger bust, she has been pictured in unflattering expressions that are telltale indications of Botox treatments that did not go well. When she became engaged against a few years back, her appearance seemed to have gotten a lift. Her nose looks more pinched in and thinner than it used to and her cheeks suggest either fillers or fat grafting to fill slightly out her facial features and treat wrinkles.

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Heather Locklear’s current look

While the Hollywood star has been seeming aging like a fine wine, she refuses to confess to what procedures she has used to do so. In the most recent years, she has begun a relationship with a fetching plastic surgeon who is about eight years her junior. Many speculate that the younger man and his profession has a lot to do with the glow seen on her cheeks. As people age the skin naturally begins to sag as the collagen and other components break down and weaken the skin’s firmness. There is no amount of moisturizer that can prevent it or special exercise that can fully stop it from happening.

While Locklear fully endorses plastic surgery by stating how great it is, she continues not to come outright and admit she has undergone any. Chemical and laser peels along with fillers have telltale signs when they are employed. While a hot relationship can really put the bounce in a woman’s step and sparkle in her eyes, that particular shape and glossiness found in her cheeks is more likely the result of a boyfriend that is talented in more ways than one.

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