Kim Hyun Joong Plastic Surgery 2024

As good looks goes, Kim Hyun Joong is a striking young man from South Korea. Born in Seoul South Korea in 1986, Kim has grown from a cute kid to a strikingly fine looking, rugged and handsome young man.  Still, the latest news is that this entertainer has undergone plastic surgery to have his nose altered. Did Kim Hyun Joong have plastic surgery?

Kim Hyun Joong Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

kim hyun joong plastic surgery before and after 2024

Kim Hyun Joong Before and After Plastic Surgery

Shark bait

Branded as an actor and entertainer Kim has appeared in “Boys Over Flowers, Generation of Youth” and Playful Kiss” and provided voice animation in the 2006 animated film Shark Bait. Not only is he an actor he was a rapper in the boy band sss501. Needless to say, this star has a lot of female fans. So is the tender age of 28 too young to have or even consider plastic surgery? The media has gotten wind of the rumors, and even his fans are talking.

Has Kim Hyun Joong Had Plastic Surgery?

There have been a lot of reports as of late regarding the plastic surgery to his nose that he may or may not have undergone. Certainly if you look at before and after photos of the star, you will notice a definite change in his appearance, in particular, his nose.  But is he really noticeably different or are his slightly changing looks the natural phenomenon that occurs as we get older? All little boys’ facial features mature with age.

kim hyun joong before and after plastic surgery 2024

Natural enhanced beauty for all

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Rumors started because plastic surgery seems to be a popular commodity among many South Korean performers. Doesn’t sound so different than what happens to actors and entertainers in Hollywood, though this writer is not sure that the reasons for going under the knife are quite the same as for their North American counterparts. Is this the reason for Kim’s debut with plastic surgery, are the rumors are true, or might there has been an underlying health condition that required some reconstructive surgery?

God had a hand in it

Well, it is no secret, or rumor, the truth came out in June 2011 as Kim admitted to the surgery. Kim Hyun Joong has earned the nickname “walking sculpture” and to see him decked out in leather it is no wonder he has a huge female fan base. When asked if his looks were all “God-given” he readily admitted that a surgeon had done some “touch ups.” He stated however that he needed surgery to repair an injury he had sustained a number of years ago. It seems his nose has been broken after getting hit with a stone. He didn’t go in to details on how that accident came about.

Only Kim “Nose” for Sure Where the Truth Lies

So what is next for this Asian entertainer? Will his voice change because of the work is done on his nose? Time will tell. Fans might be more curious, or perhaps not surprised that in the coming years as that handsome face ages naturally, he may succumb to the draw of more plastic surgery to maintain that handsome, youthful face that his fans so adore.

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