Park Bom Plastic Surgery 2024

K-Pop or Korean Pop has been gaining increasing notice in other cultures around the world. This has been largely in part to YouTube and Psy’s Gangnam Style video. Born March 24th, 1984,  in Seoul, South Korea, Park Bom is a member of the group 2NE1 and aside from her vocal talents and unusual videos, she is gaining notoriety for a seeming addiction or obsession with plastic surgery. Did Park Bom have plastic surgery?

Park Bom Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

park bom plastic surgery before and after 2024

Park Bom Before and After Plastic Surgery

Has Park Bom Had Plastic Surgery?

According to some reports, she has had multiple nose jobs, cheek modifications, fillers, injections, even eyelid modifications, and of course breast augmentation. If you compare her pictures before joining the group and over the last decade, she has completely transformed her appearance. Nothing of her original face seems to remain, aside from perhaps her forehead. Her nose goes through a few different transformations, at one point a botched procedure even necessitated, even more, work.

Her chin and cheeks have not only taken on different contours; it looks very much like full re-sculpting has been done. Her lips have been made fuller as well, through either fillers or even Botox. Some of the most noticeable and talked about changes have been to her eyes. Multiple plastic surgery procedures have completely transformed her eyelids. Her beast has also been augmented to far larger proportions than what seems natural for her stature.

How does Park Bom respond when questioned about the work?

The K-Pop star is not exactly shy about the changes, though she does not admit to all of them, she claims the changes to her eyelids were medically necessary. Other changes in her appearance have been blamed on fluctuations in weight and maturing. While the allegations do not seem to phase her, her appearance continues to shift as the years go by. In many photos, between her makeup and changes caused by plastic surgery, she looks like something out of anime.

park bom before and after plastic surgery 2024

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The effect plastic surgery has had on her career.

Sensationalism sells, this is true of television and music stars alike. It also seems true for many different cultures because Park Bom’s career doesn’t seem affected negatively by the buzz. If anything her unrealistic appearance has made her seem even more desirable and sexy to some of her fans. Even critics have to agree their eyes are on her, even if only to see when will she stop having work done.

Though, there are a number that continues to support her but wish she would stop messing with plastic surgery. She was a beautiful young woman before, with natural prettiness and a lovely proportional body before. Some of the lengths that she has gone to alter her appearance, especially at her age, have even made people in Hollywood cringe.

For her culture, though, and herself, she seems more than willing to continue the quest for the perfect look. If nothing else, it is a point which proves the prevalence of celebrities using plastic surgery to keep up appearances.

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