Kari Byron Plastic Surgery 2024

Television personality and artist Kari Byron has been in the public eye for almost eleven years. After being heavily featured on the Discovery Channel show Mythbusters, she’s become a talk show darling, appears on Internet podcasts, and gives many interviews about her experiences on television. After her time in the limelight, she’s started to fully embrace the Hollywood body enhancement culture that so many celebrities rely on to keep themselves looking young and fit. After the birth of her baby girl, Kari Byron plastic surgery seemed inevitable in order for her to keep her youthful appearance that is so much a part of her appeal. Did Kari Byron have plastic surgery?

Kari Byron Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

kari byron plastic surgery before and after 2024

Kari Byron Before and After Plastic Surgery

Has Kari Byron Had Plastic Surgery? Fact or Fiction?

Stories of Kari Byron and plastic surgery have followed her throughout her entire career. Originally dismissed as simply rumors, Kari Byron cosmetic surgery claims have grown as she appears to have undergone more procedures over the course of her career. After graduating with an art degree from San Francisco State University, and she spent several years after that backpacking around South Asia and taking part in several group art projects. After several years Miss Byron made quite a name for herself in the art world while working on practical effects for a few made-for-TV movies. In 2003 Kari Byron was hired to co-host the new Discovery show Mythbusters. For almost eleven years Kari Byron helped co-host the show while slowly becoming a more prominent figure on the discovery channel.

Kari Byron Boob Job

After a few years working on Mythbusters, rumors of her plastic surgery began to pop up left and right. Many experts speculated that she had a minor face-lift done, and maybe a little Botox, but they couldn’t be sure because the changes in her appearance were very subtle. A few years later, suspicions of plastic surgery were confirmed when her bra size ballooned from an A or B cup to a D or DD cup. Many fans are convinced that her rapidly expanding breast size can be attributed to the birth of her first child. While there is some breast growth during pregnancy, such a huge increase in size would be very unusual.

kari byron before and after plastic surgery 2024

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Kari Byron Nose Job

If her ballooning breasts aren’t proof enough, experts have also speculated that she has received more surgery and even gotten a rhinoplasty since her pregnancy. If you look at a recent picture of her, you can see that her nose is different from the years before. It’s slimmer, smaller, and not as wide as it was early in her career. These are all obvious signs of a very good nose job.

Kari Byron Facelift

Along with the nose job, famous plastic surgeons have also pointed out that her cheeks appear to have been given a slight Botox treatment, or perhaps some kind of filler. Another plastic surgery might also have included a small face-lift. Her forehead lacks any wrinkles whatsoever, and she has no sign of crow’s feet. Earlier in her career, she had defined dimples, but after some recent photos, those dimples have vanished. Everything from the lack of dimples and crow’s feet to the smooth forehead and face all point to plastic surgery.

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