Kat Von D Plastic Surgery 2024

After dropping out of high school at age 16 to become a tattoo artist, Kat Von D quickly became a TV star of the cable reality show Miami Ink. Already the queen of body modifications with ink, it’s not much of a jump for her to start having plastic surgery. Even though Kat Von D plastic surgery has never been confirmed, many famous plastic surgeons agree that there’s solid evidence that she’s had work done. Did Kat Von D have plastic surgery?

Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

kat von d plastic surgery before and after 2024

Kat Von D Before and After Plastic Surgery

Has Kat Von D Had Plastic Surgery?

In July of 2005, Kat Von D made a big splash in the reality TV show Miami Ink, staying with the show for four seasons until she was asked to leave for personal reasons. Not being satisfied with leaving the business, she started her own spin-off show on TLC called LA Ink. The show premiered to 2.9 million viewers, making it one of the most-watched debuts in the history of reality television. Along with producing and starring in several reality shows, Kat Von D has continued her career as a tattoo artist and written several books about her experiences. Kat Von D cosmetic surgery stories have been following her through her entire career. All of the publicity she receives puts her in the spotlight every day, so for someone in her position body modification is a part of life.

Kat Von D Nose Job

Kat Von D started with a simple rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job. A nose job is one of the most common forms of plastic surgery and many celebrities have had a rhinoplasty procedure. Even though she denies it, you can tell she’s had some work done by the change in her nose’s width and size. This is something that you can’t do with makeup because the entire shape of the end of her nose has changed. Her entire nose has been remodeled to be slimmer and shift focus to the rest of her face and body. Her new nose looks great, but it’s much different looking than before.

kat von d before and after plastic surgery 2024

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Kat Von D Boob Job

Her plastic surgery doesn’t stop at a simple rhinoplasty. She’s been rumored to have breast implants ever since she was seen on LA Ink going in for a breast implant consultation. On the show, it was done as a joke, but the doctor wholeheartedly recommended the procedure and said that Kat Von D was a good candidate for breast enlargement. Even though she hasn’t confirmed or denied any of the breast implant rumors, photographs of the star clearly show a significant increase in size. One expert says that she went all they way from a B cup to a D cup overnight and it can only be attributed to plastic surgery.

Kat Von D Facelift Treatment

Without having to look too closely, you can also see that Kat Von D has also had a few Botox treatments as well as a major facelift. Her brows have moved up her face almost an inch, as well as a tattoo starting on her left temple moving up towards her forehead. Along with that, her cheeks have been plumped a bit, and the skin has been pulled back to complement her cheekbones. Her plastic Surgery has been relatively subtle, but you can still tell that she has had a lot of work done. Fans and critics agree that even with all the body modification she’s just as beautiful and interesting as ever.

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