Bella Thorne Plastic Surgery 2024

Why Does She Look So Different – Bella Thorne has been a star since she was a child, so the world has seen her grow up in the spotlight. After she reached her teen years, many critics began to notice that her changes were the result of more than just puberty. For years, we have watched her appearance rapidly transform, with many rumors stating that this was the result of plastic surgery. So let’s take a look at Bella Thorne’s plastic surgery procedures.

Bella Thorne Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

bella thorne plastic surgery before and after photos 2024

Bella Thorne Before and After Plastic Surgery

Has Bella Thorne Had Plastic Surgery?

Did Bella Thorne have plastic surgery? Some celebrities are hesitant to admit that they’ve had work done, and Bella Thorne is no different. Although the young star is outspoken on social media, she has never addressed the rumors about her dramatic changes.

What Plastic Surgery Has Bella Thorne Had? 

Bella is adamant that she has not had any cosmetic surgeries done. However, if you compare old photos of her to current ones, it is easy to see how much she’s changed. Let’s take a look at why we think she’s had these procedures.

Bella Thorne Nose Job 

As noses don’t tend to change much as you age, it is interesting that Bella’s has changed so drastically. In photos when she was younger, Bella Thorne’s nose was rounder, with a wider tip. In photos taken before 2016, you can see that her nose is the same as it was when she was a child. By the end of 2016, it is easy to see that the bridge of her nose is straighter and thinner, with a less prominent tip. This indicates that she’s had a nose job.

Bella Thorne Lip Fillers

Older photos of Bella Thorne show that she has a very thin upper lip. In recent photos, her lips look more plump and round, especially her top lip! Fans are torn about whether these plump lips are the result of lip fillers, or whether it’s just the result of cleverly applied makeup. Experts in the cosmetic industry claim to see small bumps on her bottom lip, indicating a potential recent injection. This can happen after getting lip fillers, further increasing the speculation that she’s had this procedure done.

bella thorne before and after plastic surgery 2024

Bella Thorne Breast Implants

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Bella Thorne has been in the spotlight for many years, so many photos have been taken of her. At a number of red carpet events, her dresses reveal a flatter chest than she has now.

In early 2017, Bella’s Instagram photos were still showing a flat chest, however, by December 2017 her posts showed noticeably larger breasts. As you can’t really increase the size of your breasts without gaining weight or getting pregnant, it’s hard to believe that she hasn’t had a boob job.

What Do Her Fans Think?

The opinions of Bella’s fans have been split. Some fans are upset that she felt the need to undergo cosmetic procedures to change her appearance. They believe that it sends the wrong message to her young and impressional fans, as they might also feel the need to undergo plastic surgery.

Other fans are happy for her as they feel like she has the right to do what makes her feel confident. With the increasing normalization of plastic surgery, it is now not considered out of the ordinary for people to have work done. With plastic surgery no longer being stigmatized, these fans are supportive of her life choices.

As Bella Thorne is very outspoken and very open about her personal life, it is strange that she has not addressed these rumors. With many of her fans in support of her plastic surgery choices, critics have wondered why she hasn’t admitted it.

To this I say, Bella Thorne is not just a celebrity, but a human being. Famous people do not need to disclose their personal choices to their fans, even though we’re curious! Whether she’s had plastic surgery, or if she’s just using clever camera tricks and makeup, it’s good to see that Bella Thorne is confident with how she looks!

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