Joan Jett Plastic Surgery 2024

Joan Jett has been rocking for decades and still looks great well into her fifties. Since she broke into the big time in 1982 with her Top Forty hit I Love Rock n Roll, she’s been a style setter as well as a popular musician. The famous singer is still touring and making headlines, and her youthful appearance often gets fans wondering about Joan Jett plastic surgery. Did Joan Jett have plastic surgery?

Joan Jett Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

joan jett plastic surgery before and after 2024

Joan Jett Before and After Plastic Surgery

Has Joan Jett Had Plastic Surgery?

She’s always refused to answer any questions about cosmetic surgery, which only serves to invite more Joan Jett rumors. Joan was born in 1958, but she doesn’t show the signs of aging that you’d expect for a woman of her age, so it’s natural that people would assume she’s been to the cosmetic surgeon.

Joan Jett Nose Job

Joan has been in the public eye since she was very young, so it’s possible to see the changes in her facial appearance over many decades. The first thing you notice about her most youthful photographs is the shape of her nose. Her nose was never big, but it has more definition now than it once did, which almost always is evidence of a nose job. With a more refined tip, her nose gives her face a more vertical structure instead of the rounder, less aquiline look she originally had.

joan jett before and after plastic surgery 2024

Joan Jett Facelift

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It’s very likely that her plastic surgery includes at least one facelift. One telltale sign of a facelift is a perfectly smooth forehead, and while Joan has always favored long bangs that hang down into her eyes, it’s obvious that she doesn’t have the heavy horizontal lines you’d expect to see on a woman her age. While she also favors very heavy eye makeup, which can obscure both wrinkles as well as the evidence of cosmetic procedures, it appears that she’s had additional work like fillers or Botox to keep the crow’s feet away. While Botox and lifts might have been used to keep heavy lines from forming on her face as she aged, there’s none of the overkill you see with many women who undergo too many procedures and lose the ability to make expressive faces. Joan’s smile is as radiant as ever.

Joan Jett Cheek Implants

In addition to the change in the look of her nose, Joan’s cheekbones also seem to have been augmented since her early years in the public eye. Joan Jett cosmetic surgery rumors often refer to cheek implants, and the shape of her face suggests she must have had it done. It’s not overdone, but when she smiles you can see a lot of definition in her cheeks, but if you look at early photos of her, the cheeks are almost flat. The implants aren’t overdone, and the overall change in her face makes her look great, and not just for her age.

Doctors questioned about her surgery rumors sometimes come to her defense and say that it’s possible that she’s had very little work done, and simply has a very youthful face, and of course stays out of the sun, which does more to keep the skin from wrinkling than any other factor. Whatever work she’s had done, Joan Jett can honestly say that she’s never looked better. How many middle-aged women can claim that?

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