Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery 2024

Latino superstar reportedly loves plastic surgery – but won’t admit to having it performed! Here is a bit of a curveball for you. According to multiple reports, Christina Aguilera – an absolutely legendary singer, songwriter, and actress (now prominently featuring on the “The Voice” television program) – is absolutely in love with having plastic and cosmetic surgery performed, but flat out refuses to admit (in public or even to some of her closest friends and family members) that she’s had any Christina Aguilera plastic surgery done at all! Did Christina Aguilera have plastic surgery?  Isn’t that a bit wild?

Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

christina aguilera plastic surgery before and after photos 2024

Christina Aguilera Before and After Plastic Surgery

Has Christina Aguilera Had Plastic Surgery?

However, it isn’t all that difficult to really track down the kind of work that Christina has obviously had done over the last decade or decade and a half.

In fact, all you really have to do is pull up pictures from when she first exploded onto the scene and compare them to photograph today, and you’ll immediately see the differences – just like we do!

Can you spot them all?

An obvious Christina Aguilera breast augmentation for sure

The first thing that really leaps off of the page when you’re looking at before and after pictures of Christina Aguilera surgery is just how much her breasts have changed over the years.

When she first started out, she was still pretty young and definitely still developing, but only two or three years after she exploded onto the scene her breasts were looking pretty brand-new – and that’s probably because they were!

Of course, she also has gone through pregnancy before and has admitted that her body has shifted and changed in ways that she could never have anticipated – and that could have a significant impact on her breasts.

However, you’ll also see that there is a little bit of scarring on the underside of her breasts in some promotional photographs (the ones that haven’t been touched up with a bit of Photoshop, anyways). This is a pretty prime signal that some work has been done at some point in time.

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Christina Aguilera Nose job, Botox, and potential liposuction

The other major procedures that are pretty consistently linked to Christina include a nose job (or two), Botox on a very regular basis – the real secret to her incredibly crystal clear complexion – and a potential liposuction procedure after her pregnancy that brought her right back down to “playing weight” faster than most other people could have ever imagined.

Now, as mentioned above, she has absolutely refused to comment (or to even acknowledge) whether or not she’s ever had these kinds of procedures, but again the Christina Aguilera surgery photographs do not lie.

Just fire up Google and have a look at pictures of Christina from just a few short years ago, especially before she landed a role as a judge on The Voice.

You’ll see an already gorgeous woman for sure, but if you compare those photographs to one’s taken today or in the last 12 months you’ll see that her nose is much more narrow, her complexion is almost unbelievably clear and free of wrinkles, and that she has been able to better manage her weight than at any point in her career.

Something is definitely up.

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