Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery 2024

Did Bruce Jenner have plastic surgery? Bruce Jenner has always been completely open about the plastic surgery procedures he has had done in the past. Jenner has admitted to undergoing a partial facelift and a nose job during the 1980s. He’s also been honest about the fact that those procedures led to some botched results. Those less than stellar results led to a loss in confidence for the former Olympic star. In one interview he spoke of having his surgeries cause him to be compared to Michael Jackson, another victim of plastic surgery gone wrong.

Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

bruce jenner plastic surgery before and after photos 2024

Bruce Jenner Before and After Plastic Surgery

Maybe Jenner’s results weren’t the worst ones ever, but they were far from what he desired when he underwent the procedures. As someone whose life is lived in the spotlight, the issues over his appearance impacted him in many ways. That impact likely also was behind his decision to have further surgery to try and correct the mistakes of the earlier procedures. But the work done to correct the earlier failed procedures has led to even more scrutiny and, even more, gossip.

Now age sixty-four, Jenner’s appearance has been the subject of some bizarre gossip. One rumor is that the former Olympian is having procedures done that will allow him to transition to being a woman. The basis for much of that gossip was Jenner’s decision to have his Adam’s apple shaved. That procedure, known as a tracheal shave, along with growing his hair out longer, his penchant for getting manicures and his softer, more feminine appearance has added fuel to the rumor mill.

Has Bruce Jenner Had Plastic Surgery?

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It’s a rumor that Jenner denies. His comeback has been that he is simply trying out a new look, one that he appears to feel makes him look younger and cooler. One has to wonder if he just isn’t looking in the mirror or if he truly believes this new look is a hip new style for an aging star. It also might lead to the belief that he is denying the real reason behind the changes and the rumor might have more than a bit of truth to it.

There are others who feel Jenner’s obsession with correcting his looks through plastic surgery may have another component. Body dysmorphic disorder is a condition where a person is unable to view their body in a realistic way. The possibility that this disorder may be what is behind Jenner’s changes is bolstered by comments made by sources close to him and his family. Bruce Jenner is not bothered by the criticism and thinks the changes he is making in his appearance look great.

With this particular condition, even the smallest of flaws in one’s appearance can become an obsession. The need to fix every little imperfection can become a cosmetic surgery addiction for a person with the means to indulge such an obsession. And a man like Bruce Jenner has the means to continue fixing what he sees as problems by the means of plastic surgery.

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