Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery 2024

Kenny Rogers was born in 1938 and became a country music legend who’s had many top hit singles, records, and duets with many of the top singing legends, but he hit bottom when he decided to undergo plastic surgery. Like many celebrities who want to stay younger looking this performer opted to turn to plastic surgery in order to maintain a younger look. Unfortunately, many believe he got a losing hand as a result of his own cosmetic surgery. Did Kenny Rogers have plastic surgery?

Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024


kenny rogers plastic surgery before and after 2024

Kenny Rogers Before and After Plastic Surgery

Should have known when to fold his hand 

People often think it is only women who use cosmetic surgery but more and more male performers and actors are also succumbing to the pressures of needing to stay on top of the charts. Like women, men have also had the unfortunate results that Kenny experienced.

Kenny Rogers always had a rather rough, rugged and handsome look about him; even as he aged, he just seemed to get better looking. His eyes were for many a trademark of his looks. But like so many celebrities, the pressure to look good for the camera and the fans, and in Kenny’s case, his much younger 5th wife, drove him to go under the knife. Unfortunately, the results were not at all what he expected.

Eyelift Surgery and Botox Treatment

In 2014 Kenny Rogers was well into his 70’s. He has been married 5 times; his last wife had been 20 + years his junior. None of those marriages lasted. Now after several surgeries, he no longer even looks like the same person. In 2006 he admitted to People Magazine that his latest, an eye lift, turned out too tight and even he was not happy with the results. That had not been the first time he had cosmetic repairs to his face. He previously had Botox treatments done to his eyes and had a facelift in the 1990’s.

kenny rogers before and after plastic surgery 2024

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Has Kenny Rogers Had Plastic Surgery? So what’s the real deal?

According to an interview done by Debbie Emery at; the award-winning entertainer admitted that his original source of inspiration for undergoing plastic surgery had been his long time friend and duet partner Dolly Parton. He also figured he had the money available so why not take a chance.

Though many feel Kenny’s plastic surgeries were unsuccessful the performer actually feels his plastic surgery trials were a success. Not knowing how natural aging would have made him look, nor the ultimate results of going under the knife, he says he is happy with who he is and where his career has taken him.

Kenny Rogers has been recognized for his musical accomplishments, being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, and hopefully, he will be remembered more his talents than for his failed accomplishments of marriage and plastic surgery. He still has many fans, with over 1,604,000 hits on his Facebook page. Failed cosmetic surgery or not his career continues to soar. He is doing live tours and even the latest ALS rage, the ice bucket challenge (a birthday present from his children).

Guess this performer hasn’t lost his real appeal.

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