Stevie Nicks Plastic Surgery 2024

Born Stephanie Lynn Nicks on May 26th of 1948, Stevie Nicks as she is known by got the shortened nickname due to difficulty pronouncing her real name. She began singing at the age of 15 and is known both for her solo career and as a member of the band called Fleetwood Mac. She is not only a legend for her vocal abilities and songwriting skills, but she is also one of the first big female rock stars. Her popularity and success continue to climb and sustain, even though her voice is not what it used to be.

Stevie Nicks Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

stevie nicks plastic surgery before and after 2024

Stevie Nicks Before and After Plastic Surgery

Has Stevie Nicks Had Plastic Surgery?

In their earlier peaks and rise to fame, Fleetwood Mac was known for living the rock’n’roll life. Partying hard and heavily snorting cocaine lead to Nicks developing a hole in the septum of her nose. The septum in the internal cartilage between the nostril passages. Some speculate that the hole was the result of a botched surgery, but both she and the doctors insist that the particular injury is the result of drug abuse.

Stevie Nicks Nose Job

Surgeons have also said that if she did get the issue repaired with surgery that is would only help take some of the nasal tones that her voice has at times. Her current difficulty in hitting some tones or keeping the same pitches that she used to is said to be irreversible.

The damage was done by snorting cocaine not only affected her nose, but the substance went down the back of the throat and wrought havoc on her vocal cords over time, and she aged, her body was unable to recover. So even with cosmetic and restorative surgery, she can never have the same voice that launched her to fame.

stevie nicks before and after plastic surgery 2024

Her nose aside, has the rock star had any other work done? Stevie Nicks Boob Job

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Did Stevie Nicks have plastic surgery? Anyone who has ever interview Ms. Nicks can tell you she has a precocious personality. With a sincerity and spiciness, she openly talks about her failed attempts at using plastic surgery. She had her breast augmented with implants in the 1970s but had to have them removed and underwent reconstructive surgery in the 1990s when they became damaged.

Stevie Nicks Botox Injections

She has also talked about her experiments with using Botox. According to her, she was curious about what all the people saw in it and decided to try it herself. However, despite the overall results not appearing horrible to onlookers, she hated how it felt. She reported feeling uglier because of the injections and said she would never willingly undergo them again. In Stevie’s opinion, it is unnatural and warped how people in Hollywood try to look.

For her candor, Stevie Nicks is quite believable one persona in Hollywood who is not likely to join the popular crowd of tightened skin, over-sized lips and frozen smiles that dominate the scene these days. Her dabbling and failed attempts with plastic surgery have not hindered her career, and given all the professional and personal hurdles she has overcome, it is not likely something her fans will ever care about, to them she is more than just a face.


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