Bethenny Frankel Plastic Surgery 2024

One star who is not ashamed to come out and admit that she uses the cosmetic injections is Bethenny Frankel. Acclaimed television personality, author, and chef, Frankie has no trouble talking about her choice to use cosmetic botox for her face. While the admittance is not the shocking fact, it is the shocking extent to which she appears to be using it.

Bethenny Frankel Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

bethany frankel plastic surgery before and after photos 2024

Bethenny Frankel Before and After Plastic Surgery

One danger of using or over using botox is that potentially deadening effect it can have on facial nerves and muscles. Your expression can become warped and your ability to actually make certain expressions can be disabled. Remember when you were a kid, and your mother warned you not to make a face, or it would get stuck like that? Well, those nasty faces getting frozen in place is what too much botox can look like.

Has Bethenny Frankel Had Plastic Surgery?

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The unnatural appearance that Frankel’s face has taken on have some calling it almost like a cartoon character. Despite the remarks about how unhealthy it looks, or even the warnings from doctors, Bethany has no desire to or intention of paying them any mind. Her doctor has no intention of looks a client, and she pays no mind to her critics.

Did Bethenny Frankel have plastic surgery? According to Ms. Frankle, the only thing that matters is what her fans think, and they support her appearance. What is more, she also has openly talked about other procedures she has had done, including her breast augmentation. With a star being so forward after being pressured to admit it gets such heat in the tabloid press, what is the real issue? Yes, she denied it for a time and the finally admitted to having more than just some botox. People speculated and questioned and accused, and when she lets it all out, or, at least, more than what she admitted too, she still catches heat for not likely being completely honest.

Bethany like so many other television and Hollywood stars has a career that relies heavily on looks and personality. She has the means to keep up and get whatever procedures she wants, and she has gotten to a point where she talks about them openly. While it was a bit slow in coming, her brazen attitude is refreshing in a way. Plastic surgery is a practice of stardom, and ever since there have been movies and stars, there have been all sorts of tricks and stunts used to create or hold that perfect image. People cannot expect stars to be like the average person. Most people walking around you do not look like they do, nor do they have the funding to get that look either. For Bethany Frankle, it is simply a part of her life that she is no longer ashamed of and embraces. Even though it is potentially dangerous, she will continue to reap the beauty rewards from doing it, and she won’t care if people don’t like it, they are not her fans, and thus not her concern.

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