Kenya Moore Plastic Surgery 2024

Born in 1971 Kenya Moore became Miss USA in 1993 at the age of twenty-two, followed by a close second place at the Miss Universe competition following that crowning. Her success in the beauty industry led to many appearances on television sitcoms and movies such as Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Parent Hood, Waiting to Exhale and much more. She presently appears in the television reality show “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” This national beauty has apparently gone under the knife and had plastic surgery done, but is these just rumors? Did Kenya Moore have plastic surgery?

Kenya Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

kenya moore plastic surgery before and after 2024

Kenya Moore Before and After Plastic Surgery

Has Kenya Moore Had Plastic Surgery? Real or backdrops?

As an actor, director and a producer Kenya likely feels the same pressure that many North American celebrities do; the need to keep a youthful appearance no matter what your age, and no matter what the cost. Yet wouldn’t someone who graduated from university with a psychology major know better than to let outside pressure affect the way she lives her life?  She may have forgotten her education for according to some informants, who say they know the actress quite well, the Kenya apparently had silicone implants to her buttocks while vacationing in Mexico.

Weight Loss and Exercises

It is no secret that this young lady likes to hit the gym and she also likes her sweets. Just recently on “Atlanta Housewives” she stated she was going to lose 10 pounds in two weeks. A change of eating habits and exercise was how she said she was going to accomplish the weight loss. Both exercise and over-eating can surely add size to one’s backside; in truth, some women do struggle with this phenomenon. It seems any weight they put on goes directly to their behinds yet does not come off as easily.

kenya moore before and after plastic surgery 2024

ButtocksTreatment or Natural Beauty?

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So what is the real reason for her plump rump? Are Kenya’s buttocks the result of muscle building excessive adipose tissue, natural beauty, or a touch of being unnaturally “doctored”? Kenya states that for anyone who watches RHOA they should realize that she works out five to six times each week. She stands 5 ft 10”, weighs in at 145 lbs and insists that her butt cheeks are all natural. At age 44 she certainly looks to be in good shape. So that would mean those cheeks are all natural muscle? Perhaps.

Just the tip of the iceberg – Nose Job

What about her nose? Did she indeed have some cosmetic work done on that body part as well? According to some plastic surgeons, it is possible that Kenya had just the tip of her nose done, to make it more appealing, more defined. And according to her Twitter page in May 2014 Kenya tweeted to fans that she went to Europe to get a little work done, but she never expanded on that. Was it business, or something else? On Instagram, she admitted to going “under the knife” in January 2014 but said it was for fibroid removal, not cosmetic surgery.

As a producer, Kenya founded MooreVisionMedia in 2008 though this company has not produced anything since 2010. Perhaps her new looks are her latest production.

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