Fergie Plastic Surgery 2024

Has Fergie Had Plastic Surgery? Fergie, real name Stacy Ann Ferguson, has had quite the career in show business. She is a noted singer, songwriter, rapper and even fashion designer. Aside from her own successful solo career, she was also a member of the award-winning Black Eyed Peas. This entire time, the entertainer has also been well known for her stunning looks. Aside from her face, Fergie’s body has long been the target of envy and lust. As such, you can imagine that Fergie plastic surgery rumors have long since been a thing. Did Fergie have plastic surgery?

Fergie Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

fergie plastic surgery before and after photos 2024

Fergie Before and After Plastic Surgery

Fergie Boob Job

Comparing old pictures to more modern ones of Fergie would leave you to believe she has definitely had at least one or two breast augmentations done over the years. There is certainly a noticeable change in both shape and size. The only reason this may not necessarily be true is because she has also worn so many different costumes over the years a performing artist. The majority of these have featured some type of pushup bra which could easily change how her chest appears.

Fergie Botox

Despite being in her mid-30s, Fergie has almost no signs of wrinkles like you’d expect. Her crows’ feet aren’t what you might expect them to be, and she has long been known for a big, beautiful smile she can flash without fear that wrinkles will be the result.

The rest of her face is equally smooth as well. Although she works hard throughout the year, she simply lacks the types of stress lines you may otherwise expect.

Fergie Juvederm

Another explanation for her ageless face would be Juvederm. Fergie‘s plastic surgery rumors started about this chemical because of how full her cheeks are. This helps to not just even out the shape of her face, but keep her looking years and years younger too.

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Whether she has had either form of plastic surgery done is yet unconfirmed. However, if she has had work done, it would seem as though she or her practitioner was smart enough to know when to pull back on the injections. For all the work she is alleged to have had, she still has a very natural look to her and has yet to go overboard like so many of her counterparts in entertainment.

Fergie Nose Job

It would also appear as though Fergie had rhinoplasty done at some point too. If we look at pictures of her from the past, her nose used to be much fuller and curvy around the sides.

However, nowadays, Fergie has a much more petite, “designer” nose. It appears much thinner, refined and sharper. While her nose never seemed to be much of an issue, this surgery may have been an effort to help keep it in line with the rest of the work she allegedly had done to her face. It would appear the rhinoplasty helped smooth the tip of her nose too.

Whether or not any of this is true is still unconfirmed. What we can definitely say, though, is that whatever is behind her beautiful looks will keep her in front of the cameras for years to come.

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