Lara Spencer Plastic Surgery 2024

Most people would recognize Lara Spencer from any of a number of news jobs she has on television. She may be best known for anchoring the lifestyle section of the show, Good Morning America, but Spencer has also been a correspondent for ABS News and Nightline as well. Because people see her as often as they do on TV, it only makes sense they there would be rumors speculating about Lara Spencer plastic surgery, especially when you see how attractive her appearance is. However, is it true? Let’s take a look. Did Lara Spencer have plastic surgery?

Lara Spencer Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

lara spencer plastic surgery before and after 2024

Lara Spencer Before and After Plastic Surgery

Possible Botox

The rumors about Lara Spencer and plastic surgery probably have their roots in how amazing her face looks for her age. For this reason, many people believe she may have had Botox done, especially across her forehead. This would help explain why it’s so wrinkle free. However, if she did have Botox, you have to give Spencer credit for having the discipline to keep it subtle. While she lacks wrinkles, she also lacks a number of unattractive telltale signs we often see from celebrities who take things too far.

Other Work

While Botox is always the one you hear about most, Spencer has also been at the center of other rumors regarding plastic surgery. Again, for a woman in her forties, she almost completely lacks any wrinkles on her neck, where you’d expect to see at least a few. She doesn’t have the crows’ feet we often see in women her age either. Just about anyone would kill to have her healthy, glowing skin, as well, which can sometimes be the result of laser treatments.

Spencer’s Response

Obviously, Spencer is aware that there have been rumors about her potential plastic surgeries. However, whenever it’s brought up, she has always been very clear in denying that these rumors are in any way true. According to the famous host, she hasn’t had any work done to her body whatsoever.

lara spencer before and after plastic surgery 2024

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Rather Spencer says her good genetics are responsible and the fact that she eats well and lives an active lifestyle. How much of her genes really played a role would be interesting to know, as most of us try to commit to the second two practices and aren’t so lucky to look like her even if we’re much younger.

Possible Other Explanations

There are other reasons Spencer may look like a million bucks though, and it has to do with her job. Spencer is on live TV constantly and has been on countless other prerecorded ones. You can bet she knows how to keep her poise and hold her face to make sure it gives off the best angles. Plus, she probably has a fairly accomplished makeup team that knows how to keep her looking youthful and vibrant, even under especially bright lights.

Has Lara Spencer Had Plastic Surgery?

So we may never know whether or not there is any truth to rumors about Spencer and potential plastic surgery. For now, we’ll have to take her word for it and hope she publishes a book on how to follow in her footsteps. 

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