Jada Pinkett Smith Plastic Surgery 2024

Multi-talented and Multi-troubled Jada Pinkett Smith is a multi-talented actress and wife of mega star Will Smith, who also directs, acts, sings and produces. She is arguably one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and by all appearances, as a wife, mother, and career woman, she should also be one of the most content and happiest. However, recent press involving her children’s erratic behavior and questionable parenting skills, combined with accusations of a troubled marriage leave us wondering if all is true as it seems in the Pinkett paradise.  Add to this the fact that her looks have transformed from soft to edgy, and it further begs the questions “has she or hasn’t she had work done?”

Jada Pinkett Smith Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

jada pinkett smith plastic surgery before and after photos 2024

Jada Pinkett Smith Before and After Plastic Surgery

Has Jada Pinkett Smith Had Plastic Surgery? When Plastic Surgery Gone Bad

Did Jada Pinkett Smith have plastic surgery? When her fortieth birthday approached, it brought to mind plastic surgery speculation. When a woman reaches forty, most have a fair amount of aging symptoms and seek ways to defy the aging process and continue to improve their looks.

Jada Pinkett Smith Nose Job, Botox, and Laser Treatment

When reviewing and comparing her before and after photographs, one can see a considerable amount of changes in her appearance. Her nose appears different and her cheeks, which were once rounded, and apple like, are now very sharp and dominant, with high cheekbones and a smooth forehead. (a telltale sign of Botox and Laser treatments.) There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Jada’s cheeks have been transformed. Typically, fillers specifically given for cheeks are geared toward making a woman appear younger and fresh-faced, however in Jada’s case her cheeks appear overly done and create the opposite.

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This is a case of surgery gone wrong and Jada actually appears older than her chronological age.  We wonder how many plastic surgeons she consulted prior to making her final decision, and did she read the fine print and research this particular surgeon? Plastic surgeons are almost as prevalent as Starbucks in Hollywood, and unfortunately, not everyone is credible. We wish Jada would have done her homework prior to going under the needle or knife in this case.

From Girl Next Door Soft to Hard and Edgy

Additionally, the poor surgery has taken what was once a soft, “girl next door” look and created a person who looks weathered and stressed, which is disturbing, especially since she wanted to create the opposite look. It makes us wonder if she is trying too hard to save her marriage, maintain her Hollywood starlet status and create an illusion within herself that the more she changes her physical appearance, the better her internal state of mind will be. Unfortunately, that is now how the real world works, regardless of how much money or status you have. In this particular case, we would recommend that instead of investing in more plastic surgery that may further complicate matters, Jada starts at the root of the situation and work from the inside out with some personal, family and couples therapy. Only when one turns inward can the outside be fixed, regardless of how many creams, fillers and “quick fixes” promise to create an eternal fountain of youth.

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