Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery 2024

Farrah Abraham first found fame when she starred in MTV’s breakout hit, Teen Mom. She would return for a number of seasons and eventually find work as a type of reality personality, showing up at different events and endorsing various products. Later, she went on to star in her own adult movie, with other titles possibly in the works. Along with her transformation as a person and celebrity, Abraham has also changed her physical appearance too. Did Farrah Abraham have plastic surgery? So if you’ve been wondering about Farrah Abraham plastic surgery, keep reading to find out more.

Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2024

farrah abraham plastic surgery before and after photos 2024

Farrah Abraham Before and After Plastic Surgery

Has Farrah Abraham Had Plastic Surgery? Let’s See Her Lips

Perhaps the most recent surgery the 23-year-old single mother has had done lip injections. Shortly after she had them done last year, Abraham tweeted a photo that made it very clear she had had gone under the knife to have her lips plumped drastically.  Compared to her old lips, which were fairly full to begin with, it was obvious that her lips had been augmented. That being said, we don’t know how soon after the surgery she took that photo, so it’s possible a lot of the look we saw had to do with the results of recently recovering.

Farrah Abraham Chin Implant

One of her better known plastic surgeries had to do with having a chin implant put in. The surgery only took about 45 minutes, all of which Abraham was conscious for thanks to local anesthesia. Unfortunately, it seems Abraham was not very fond of the procedure. Although it did add a more symmetrical look to her front profile, the finished product was definitely unnatural looking. It only took the reality start 30 days before she made the decision to have the implant removed.

Farrah Abraham Nose Job

Abraham also had a nose job done. Like a lot of nose jobs, this one accomplished giving hers a thinner profile and smoothing the ridge that goes down the center. This augmentation she has kept, though, however, it’s unclear how many procedures she may have had done in order to get the nose she always wanted.

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Farrah Abraham Boob Job

We also know that a plastic surgery rumor about her breasts is true. Shortly before she entered the world of adult films, Abraham went under the knife to have her breasts augmented. The initial surgery took her from a B o a C cup. She then went in for one more operation to further improve her to a D.

The chin and nose work she had had done cost her $21,000 and the two breast augmentations ran her another $8,000. However, again, as with the nose job she previously had done, Abraham seems very happy with how her chest now looks. Given her foray into adult entertainment, it will probably pay for itself in short order.

At times, it has seemed Abraham was finally content with her looks and ready to move on with her physical appearance. However, if the short time she has been famous is anything to go one, Abraham may soon be under the knife once more.

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