Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery

Since the minute she became famous, Lady Gaga has made headlines for everything from her amazing music to her often surprising behavior. However, more often than not, the attention she garners has to do with her looks. Whether it’s a meat dress or a top made out of the heads of Kermit the Frog dolls,… [Read More]

Jada Pinkett Smith Plastic Surgery

Multi-talented and Multi-troubled – Jada Pinkett Smith is a multi-talented actress and wife of mega star Will Smith, who also directs, acts, sings and produces. She is arguably one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and by all appearances, as a wife, mother, and career woman, she should also be one of the most… [Read More]

Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery

Money Can’t Buy You Love, but it CAN Buy you a New Nose – Did Ivanka Trump have plastic surgery? While there are many things in life money can’t buy, (love, happiness, etc.) one thing the all mightier dollar can buy is a new nose, chin, breasts and Botox.  Just ask Ivanka Trump, who seems to,… [Read More]

Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery

Anyone who has been a fan of soap operas is familiar with CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful”. It has been one of Hunter Tylo’s longest running performances as the character Dr. Taylor Forrester. Though beyond just acting, Tylo is also a model, writer, and spokeswoman. Her famous career began in 1984, and her look… [Read More]

Heather Locklear Plastic Surgery

Born in 1961, Heather Locklear, the 50-something actress is still flaunting a sleek bombshell bod. Her face has been reported to look more fresh and bright than it has in years and it has gotten people buzzing to figure out why. As another star who seems to be winning the fight against aging, the potential… [Read More]