Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery

Latino superstar reportedly loves plastic surgery – but won’t admit to having it performed! Here is a bit of a curveball for you. According to multiple reports, Christina Aguilera – an absolutely legendary singer, songwriter, and actress (now prominently featuring on the “The Voice” television program) – is absolutely in love with having plastic and… [Read More]

Catherine Zeta Jones Plastic Surgery

How has Catherine Zeta Jones been able to stay so beautiful for so long? When you think about classic Hollywood beauties, there are only a handful of names that stand out above all others – in Catherine Zeta Jones is definitely one of them. Easily one of the most beautiful women on the face of… [Read More]

Beth Chapman Plastic Surgery

Best known for her bit on the show Dog the Bounty Hunter, Beth Chapman is no stranger to being the topic of rumor mills. Nor is she immune to paparazzi snapping the worst possible picks. Aside from rumors about her breast and hair, there is talk of scars proving she had a tummy tuck. The… [Read More]

Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery

Is Amanda Bynes spiraling out of control when it comes to plastic surgery? Amanda Bynes used to be considered one of the most beautiful young up-and-coming actresses in all of Los Angeles, the kind of child star turned natural beauty that could turn heads and put butts in the seats when it came to launching… [Read More]