Jennifer Garner Plastic Surgery

America’s Dimpled Darling – When reading about Jennifer Garner, one of the most publicized and photographed actresses in the world, one immediately is drawn to her “girl next door” looks.   Those big, doe eyes, those dimples and mega-watt smile! Absolutely adorable! (and not many women can be termed “adorable” past a certain age.)  No wonder… [Read More]

Haylie Duff Plastic Surgery

Born in 1985, Haylie Duff is an aspiring young actress and songwriter. However, despite her relatively young age, she quite evidently has already been influenced by Hollywood’s obsession with having to look your best for success. Now not to be confused, Haylie Duff is the older sister of actress Hillary Duff. A bit confusing given… [Read More]

Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery

Farrah Abraham first found fame when she starred in MTV’s breakout hit, Teen Mom. She would return for a number of seasons and eventually find work as a type of reality personality, showing up at different events and endorsing various products. Later, she went on to star in her own adult movie, with other titles… [Read More]

Elizabeth Mitchell Plastic Surgery

Elizabeth Mitchell has obviously had some plastic surgery – but it looks fantastic! A veteran actress, and maybe one of the biggest actresses on television today, Elizabeth Mitchell has absolutely undergone at least a handful of plastic surgery procedures in the past. But, rather than derail her appearance with a fake or phony look, almost… [Read More]

Elizabeth McGovern Plastic Surgery

Has Elizabeth McGovern had plastic surgery? Did a Elizabeth McGovern superstar really go through multiple plastic surgery procedures to get her look just right? According to multiple rumors swirling around the Internet today, there may be some truth to Elizabeth McGovern undergoing multiple plastic surgery procedures to really hammer home the elegant and classic look she’s… [Read More]