Angelababy Plastic Surgery

How did Hong Kong knockout Angelababy transform her face? When you are able to command $30,000 for just 15 minutes of your time because of how you look, you know you are a special kind of beauty, pretty much unlike anything else. That’s the kind of life that Hong Kong actress Angelababy enjoys, a multimillionaire… [Read More]

Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery

What is Ali Lohan doing to her face? Easily most famous for being the younger sister of Lindsay Lohan, Ali has tried to break into the entertainment world all on her own ever since she was just three. Like her sister, she started off as a child model (working for the incredible Ford Model agency),… [Read More]

Audrina Patridge Plastic Surgery

Anyone who follows reality shows, pop culture, or anything related to Hollywood, knows all about the concept of a rumor mill. Paparazzi make a killing getting pictures of stars and starlets in the worst light possible. A bad or weird angle, funky lighting, and other environmental factors can contribute to anyone becoming the subject of… [Read More]