Tori Spelling Plastic Surgery

Tori Spelling is the subject of many plastic surgery rumors. After all, the famous 90210 actresses and reality TV star grew up in an atmosphere of affluence, as her father was a very important television producer. Her dad, Aaron Spelling, produced Hart to Hart and a range of other wonderful TV shows and he became… [Read More]

Sean Patrick Flanery Plastic Surgery

A well-rounded actor Sean Patrick Flanery has over 90 credits to his name. Sean has had the opportunity not only to act in some well-known movies and television series, but he also writes fir his own blog entitled “Shine until tomorrow.” Now at 50 + years of age, he sports some telltale signs of natural… [Read More]

Madonna Plastic Surgery

Born in 1958, the infamous first Diva of Pop and Material Girl, Madonna claims that her looks are the result of focusing her energies inward, a special diet, and extremely expensive creams. For a star who has held a successful and continually thriving solo career since 1981 Madonna has been the subject of a lot… [Read More]

Madeleine Stowe Plastic Surgery

Madeleine Stowe is an American actress that was born in 1958 and has been in the acting business since 1978. She has been nominated for and won many awards over her long and diverse career. Her work includes both television and big screen roles. One of her more recent roles that have also won her… [Read More]

Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery

Hollywood is the world unto itself. It has long been known and accepted that women looking to keep their careers in the highly sexualized environment of the film industry have turned to plastic surgery to stem the tide of changes aging brings. Now that movement is apparently spreading to older male actors as well. For a… [Read More]