Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery

Hollywood is the world unto itself. It has long been known and accepted that women looking to keep their careers in the highly sexualized environment of the film industry have turned to plastic surgery to stem the tide of changes aging brings. Now that movement is apparently spreading to older male actors as well. For a… [Read More]

Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery

Did Bruce Jenner have plastic surgery? Bruce Jenner has always been completely open about the plastic surgery procedures he has had done in the past. Jenner has admitted to undergoing a partial facelift and a nose job during the 1980s. He’s also been honest about the fact that those procedures led to some botched results. Those less… [Read More]

Brad Pitt Plastic Surgery

Brad Pitt is the sexiest man alive. You really don’t want to argue with me on this. I don’t care that he’s turned fifty. I won’t care when he turns sixty. And if we’re both still around when seventy comes along, probably neither of us will care then. Yes, I am in touch enough with… [Read More]