Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery 2020

America’s Sweetheart, Meg Ryan is well-known for starring in some of the favorite romantic comedies from the late 80s and early 90s. Dubbed as “America’s Sweetheart,” the actress has tried hard to shed that image. Who can forget when she was embroiled in a cheating scandal with Russell Crowe? In 2016, Meg Ryan shocked fans with her appearance at an awards show. Her appearance was so strikingly different, rumors circulated that she had undergone plastic surgery. While she has never confirmed the rumors, anyone can see that she looks completely much different than she did before.

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2020

meg ryan plastic surgery before and after photos 1 2020

Meg Ryan Before and After Plastic Surgery

Has Meg Ryan Had Plastic Surgery?

Did Meg Ryan have plastic surgery? Meg Ryan always evoked the cute girl next door image in her films. So viewers were taken aback when she resurfaced after years of being off-screen. Her face looked quite different from what fans were used to seeing.

The general consensus was that yes, Meg Ryan did have plastic surgery during her time away from the public. But what did she have done and why? While no one can answer the why, what was plainly obvious to the naked eye.

Meg Ryan Cheek Fillers

Meg Ryan was always blessed with a gorgeous smile that gave her cheeks a round, apple-like appearance that many women use pounds of make-up trying to achieve. However, fans quickly noticed that Meg Ryan’s cheeks were rounder than ever before and her smile appeared even tighter.

Cheek fillers are often used to enhance the roundness of the cheeks. It is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures and can help make a smile more pronounced. Meg Ryan’s smile still looks like herself, but her cheeks changed shape in ways that indicate cheek fillers.

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Meg Ryan Botox Injections

Almost every actress in Hollywood has Botox injections. The injections briefly paralyze the muscles, which prevents wrinkling and other fine lines that show age. Each treatment lasts for about six months.

A smoother forehead and lack of lines around the eyes are signs of Botox injections. It is the most popular non-invasive plastic procedure, especially for people in the spotlight who need a little downtime and is often judged by their appearance.

meg ryan before and after plastic surgery 2020

Meg Ryan Lip Fillers

Like cheek fillers, lip fillers are meant to enhance and plump the lips. Meg Ryan always had somewhat thinner lips. However, in her stunning appearance in 2016, her lips were noticeably larger. Unlike many plastic surgery procedures, lip fillers can be removed and aren’t permanent. In more recent photos, it appears that Meg Ryan has chosen to keep her lip fillers.

Face Lift

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Some plastic surgeon experts wonder if the drastic changes in Meg Ryan’s appearance is due to some kind of facelift. They speculate that she had laser surgery on her face. The texture of her skin appears to have changed over the years. Her skin is smoother and younger-looking in ways that aren’t possible through just Botox and fillers. Facelifts are much easier now with the popularity of lasers and other technological advancements in the plastic surgery field.

Bottom Line

Whether you believe that Meg Ryan had plastic surgery or not, there is no denying that her face has changed over the last twenty years. Perhaps it’s just good genetics, but many experts and fans suspect otherwise.

Botox, cheek and lip fillers are all exceedingly common procedures that both celebrities and “normal” people undergo to change their appearance. Until we find a real fountain of youth, women (and some men) will continue to undergo cosmetic surgeries to look like the best version of themselves. The tricky part is finding the right doctor to make your enhancement natural.

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