Jessica Lange Plastic Surgery

Jessica Lange is in her sixties but still going strong in Hollywood. At a period in her life when many actresses are unable to work as their looks fade, Jessica has shown the range of talent to take on more mature roles, while still looking attractive as she ages gracefully. Did Jessica Lange have plastic surgery?… [Read More]

Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery

Hollywood’s Sweetheart and Gifted Golden Girl – One of the perils of being a celebrity when you’re a child is that you grow up completely in the public eye. Jessica Alba plastic surgery stories have been common in the press since before she was old enough to drive, and as she gets older they’re becoming… [Read More]

Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery

Coming of Age Before Our Eyes – Everyone above the age of forty remembers Jennifer Grey for her starring roles as Matthew Broderick’s negative sister in the blockbuster film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, as well as the late great actor Patrick Swayze’s love interest in the classic coming of age love story turned mega film … [Read More]

Jennifer Garner Plastic Surgery

America’s Dimpled Darling – When reading about Jennifer Garner, one of the most publicized and photographed actresses in the world, one immediately is drawn to her “girl next door” looks.   Those big, doe eyes, those dimples and mega-watt smile! Absolutely adorable! (and not many women can be termed “adorable” past a certain age.)  No wonder… [Read More]

Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery

Hollywood’s Sweetheart and Gifted Golden Girl – Jennifer Aniston is arguable, hands down, without a doubt one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, as has been since she first appeared as fun loving, sometimes goofy but always loveable Rachel on the iconic hit TV series Friends, which appeared in the eighties and continued as… [Read More]